Somehow the racial injustice we all witnessed when the policemen in Minneapolis slowly took the breath away from a Black man named George Floyd sparked a worldwide reaction. But after several weeks the, at first, peaceful days of protest quickly turned into weeks of rioting and rampant destruction of public property.

Here is a link to my article that discusses how thee riots are actually harming the cause of the Blacks. my thought is that once a point has been made to the existing government, the next step should be negotiations for improvements, and not continual day-after-day destruction and chaos.Chaos breeds over-reaction, at some point, and not understanding and growth.

Health Supplements and Insurance Companies

DON’s WORLDThe question here is why can’t we Seniors get our Insurance companies to pay something on the many Health Supplements we end up using to save money?

Many of the Health Supplements that are sold over the counter today are actually formally produced copies of “old Home Remedies? And, these supplemental medications work very well.

Click on the link below and read my article on this problem that could save not only the patient , but also the insurance company a lot of money.


Blood Pressure versus Coffee

I have high Blood Pressure!

It’s just a fact of life for me I guess, considering I have been on Beta-Blockers for over three decades now.

My Reasoning;

Even if I were able to isolate myself from the growing number of idiots who dominate the news networks,

and even if the government lowered my taxes

and if we started making all of the freeloaders in our country get jobs and pay their own way,

I would still be one of those people with High Blood Pressure who loves to spout a good rant every now and then.

The Effects of the Pills;

So, after having my Butt chewed out by one of my Doctors back then; I got on board with them and I have dutifully taken my prescribed BP pills each day, over all of these years now,

And that’s OK, too. It seems my body wants to run at 80 miles per hour, but within a half an hour or so of taking these pills my body shifts down at least one gear and keeps me loping along at 55 miles per hour for the next 6-8 hours.

So I Cheat;

My Doctor rolls his eyes when i tell him this, but I cheat. In fact, I have cheated for all of those long years I have taken the Pills.

You see, every morning I drink Coffee. I mean I drink real coffee, not some chemically altered concoction that they call decaffeinated; and I Love It!

Sure, I know I’m not supposed to do things that will raise my blood pressure, but I’m addicted to my morning Coffee. And, I have found that if I take my required dosage of meds, and then drink my morning coffee, my brain can then absorb and react to what I see on the news, or the web, or in meetings with others and not just sit there with my chemically numbed brain lagging behind everyone else.

I know! I know! This  insane habit of mine is not a good one, but it works for me.

I take my meds to protect myself from the side effects of potential high blood pressure situations, and then once I am out and about, I have my morning Coffee. This combination of letting my meds kick in, but at the same time having a couple of Coffees seems to be working for me.

I do take my own BP readings every couple of days, and when I am visiting my Doctor, my BP readings  are always a little high but within the acceptable range for people my age. My Doctors  continually tell me that; “at your age, you need to be reasonable about how much Coffee you drink”, so I do try to manage my Coffee intake.

I’m down to only one pot of Coffee, each morning!

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved



Political Rant – Pre-Existing Conditions not covered?

Every now and then I have to go into one of my Rants about the callous stupidity of our nations politicians.

This is one of those rants about these heartless and cruel politicians and their attempt at splitting people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions away from the rest of the population, essentially condemning them to eventual poverty and becoming second class citizens, with health problems that will often lead to the depletion of any saving they have or worse, their deaths.

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Yes, I am an ASSHOLE! But, I’m not a perfect one.

I just have to write a little something about this.

If my article title offends anyone, I apologize ahead of time, before I go on.

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Another New Year? Hell, I wasn’t through with the last one, yet!

Here we go again!

Another year has started on the clock of life, and I’m still working on things I had to do last year.

I mean, really! I looked back at my last January first’s resolutions, and it’s kind of embarrassing, how little I got done.

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How much Sugar and how many Calories are there in your favorite Wine?

Being someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, especially when served with a great meal, I often find myself involved in conversations about wines.

Probably the facts that I hear quoted, and argued about, most often are how many Calories are being consumed in a good glass of wine.

I do know some basic facts on wines and calories, but I also know that the right answer to this question is based on the Residual Sugar Content and thus the category of the wine being discussed.

So, simply put, the first thing you have to know as a wine drinker is  the sweetness category of your wine.

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Living within my limitations – Doctors and Medicines!


Yeah, I’m a SENIOR!

So What!

My lifestyle may be somewhat limited relative to my youth, but it does allow me to tell many of the irritating people of the world to …..

Just leave me the Hell alone, and maybe I’ll show you the same respect.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m OK ….. really.And I’m actually having a good day. But, I thought a Bitching session was in order, so, here I go.

Earlier, I was just updating my LIST of medications on my Smartphone for reference on my trips to my numerous Doctors.

Here is one of my “irritating” problems that from my perspective need fixing.

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Yin and Yang, Health and Oriental Diagnosis

Frog_01-1Someone ( a close friend from long ago, actually) called me a sponge; an ugly one but still a sponge.

He went on to say that I kept picking up bits of information about so many different things that he never knew what I was going to say or talk about next.

And, if I am going to be honest, he was and still is right. I love to learn about new things (to me) and old things (that still work) and I consider what I learn as my own personal “Pearls of Wisdom”.

Many years ago (too many to count, honestly) I was into studying different Oriental and Asian ways of life, religions and what seemed to me to be, idiosyncrasies.

Long story short. I got into the whole Yin and Yang thing and this ancient philosophy of maintaining a healthy body and even healing an unhealthy one for a while.

That was a long time ago, and I have kept this kind of information in my mind always. But, just the other day, I read an article written by a fellow HubPage writer, on this subject, that I think should be shared.

So, click on the link below to open page to read this very good article, if you are interested.

Oriental Diagnosis and Medicine


by Don Bobbitt, 2015


Yoga for Seniors – 7 Yoga Exercises a Senior can do, on their feet.


OK, Yoga is Cool.

And, I really can see how it can help a person keep their body in better condition.

Here’s my problem.

I took a couple of Yoga classes two years ago. The instructor said up front that it was designed for beginners and we would be Ok taking the class.

Well, after the second class, I was on my back, on the sofa, for over a week. My back hurt so bad, in fact, that I never went back for another class in yoga.

But, there is still hope for me and Yoga, I think.

I just read this article on HubPages by a fellow writer and it has really made me think. In fact, I printed the article and I am going to use these exercises, myself.

You see, the article lists seven different Yoga exercises that a person can do while standing on their feet.

This, I can do. Oh, I may not be able to reach down or out as far as they show in the pictures, but i can do these exercises.

Click on the link below and read the article for yourself, especially if you are another limping and worn out Senior like myself.

Standing Yoga Exercises a Senior can do

by Don Bobbitt, 2015


Just what are You? Vegetarian? Vegan? The Popular Categories

Like everyone else, I am used to such things as; people eating Vegan, or Vegetarian, and honestly, I only had a vague idea what the difference was.

Myself? Well, my head isn’t stuck in a bucket of sand all of the time. Even I occasionally, I will read and follow information about my health and how to improve it. And, one of the things I do, is eat a lot more vegetables and a lot less meat.

Its not really hard to do and to tell the truth, after you have purposely changed your diet for a while, those time you do eat a big juicy steak or even a cheeseburger, you notice that your body is kind of thrown out of whack for a few days until it has passed the meat.

I still do it though, eat red meat, that is. But, I do it only maybe once a month or more. Oh, I still eat Fish and Fowl but even when I eat these, it is grilled or baked or broiled, and never fried.

Will I live longer? I really don’t know, but I do know that I feel better on my present diet, and from what I read, I am on a better and more healthy path than before I changed it.

Are You a Vegetarian? Or what?

Anyway, as my interest in what I eat and how it affects my health increased, I started to see even more names for people who claim to be Vegetarians.

At one time, it was simple. A vegetarian ate vegetables and fruits as their main diet and avoided meats, poultry and even fish.


It seems that the Vegetarians of the world have evolved to grouping themselves with titles that better define what they consider acceptable eating standards.

From what I have read, the list below includes a number of the most popular; Factions? Sects? Groupings? of vegetarianism.





Types of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is the practice of eating fruits and vegetables and not eating meat, fish, or poultry. Some vegetarians include dairy products (milk and cheese) and eggs in their diet. Others do not.

There are many types of vegetarianism. The table below explains them.

Type of Vegetarianism
A flexitarian is someone who follows a flexible vegetarian diet. The person follows a vegetarian diet most of the time, but will eat animal products at special occasion meals or business dinners.
A fruitarian is a person who only eats food which can be gathered or picked without harming the plant on which it grows. Examples of the type of food that a fruitarian will eat are nuts, apples, peaches, pears, and plums. Most vegetables are excluded from the diet because the plants dies after all the vegetables are picked.
A lacto-ovo vegetarian is a vegetarian who includes dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt) and eggs in their diet.
A lacto-vegetarian is vegetarian who eats dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt), but does not include eggs in their diet.
A lessetarian attempts to eat less animal products without completely eliminating such food from their diet.
Macrobiotic Diet
A person on a macrobiotic diet eats whole grains, beans, vegetables, and seaweed. Some people on this type of diet eat fish and don’t eat most types of fruit.
An ovo-vegetarian eats eggs, but does not include dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt) in their diet.
A pesco-vegetarian eats seafood and sea animals, but not sea mammals. Dairy products (milk, cheese, and yogurt) are sometimes included in the diet.
A pollotarian is a vegetarian who eats poultry, but not meat or fish.
Raw Veganism
People on a raw vegan diet only eat raw food. Some people on this type of diet consider raw foods to be those which have not been heated above 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 degrees Celsius).
A semi-vegetarian is a person who eats some meats, but not others.
Su Vegetarianism
A su vegetarian is a person who does not eat garlic, leeks, onions, scallions, or shallots. This type of vegetarianism originated from Hinduism.
Vegans do not eat any animal products or animal bi-products. They do not eat dairy products (milk, cheese, or yogurt), eggs, honey, or food which contains gelatin.









Diabetes, The Facts explained simply for everyone.

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

OK, as a Diabetic, (Type-2 Diabetic that is) I often get a little frustrated with having to explain why I can’t have that slice of Pecan Pie, or that large piece of Red Velvet Cake covered with several scoops of Ice Cream, etc.

Being a Diabetic, I have to stay on my toes when it comes to my daily food selections, and certain things are not allowed.

Most people just do not understand Diabetes, and I wrote the article below for you, so you can appreciate the disease itself as well as what a Diabetic must do to maintain a healthy body, every day.

So, click on the link below to read my HubPage article if you want to understand Diabetes and how to manage it.

Diabetes, Facts for the Newbie

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

MWR The Perfect Diet Plan – 100% Effective and FREE


Click below for a link to my article on HubPages that describes the Perfect Weight Loss Plan, the MWR Plan.

Follow this Diet Plan and you will lose weight in a safe manner and end up living a healthier Lifestyle in a body that is at your desired Ideal weight.


by Don Bobbitt, 2014

ZILMAX Feed Additive in Beef

3c360-cheeseburger_01 Although temporarily suspended, by Merck and Tyson, this new feed additive has strange effects on the animals taking it.

Drugs like this are a good reason to take more care in knowing what you are eating when it comes to meats, especially beef.

Click below to read the article.

Another reason to avoid Beef.

by Don Bobbitt


Signs of a Heart Attack, for Men and Women


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 OK, this post is important to everyone. One of the major killers of Men and Women is the dreaded Heart Attack. I was sorting through the daily mail, at home,the other day and I found an advertisement that had a … Continue reading