Over the Years, I have placed many of my writings on a number of sites. This site is for the consolidation of my works. Most are the original work and a few are links to other writer’s sites where I have put my works in the past.

My plans are that I will be closing down my links to these other sites and bringing my original works, the Bad with the Good to this one central site.

It is my hope that at some time in the future, I will have a large enough audience that I can possibly add a few advertisements to my site in the hopes of selling a few items to cover my basic writing expenses. Wish me well!

 IT COSTS NOTHING to READ my WRITINGS and it COSTS YOU NOTHING EXTRA if you buy from one of the ADS in my HUBS!

SO, if you are interested in reading some more of my own unique writings, feel free to Click on the Links listed on this and my other site pages.

Thanks so much for your interest in my works.



Stories by DON – Some Good, and Some Not So Good!


My First Cheeseburger, Ever!




A Sign of Autumn

Sometimes, I Wonder!


The Search is Long and Futile?


I keep Looking for IT!



It’s Not Hard, Just Have a Great Day!

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow


Snakes and Skanks, A Redneck Bar experience


Grandma’s Table – Family History and How to Pass on a Memory


I am NOT a POET, and, Sigh! I Know it! 


Can’t You Hear the Wind Chimes?


Inspiration over Thought.


I’m Just an Old Rolling Stone.

Every Day cannot be a Great Day, but it can be Great to have a nice day.









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