Retiree-centric Articles

These are articles that provide useful information for Retirees, including such subjects as; Life Savings, Managing Investments, Government Benefits and Political Intervention, to name a few. Each is written to help other Retirees manage their Lifestyle and enjoy their daily lives.


Below is a link to a simple example of the true economics of reducing the coverage paid by Medicare and Social Security and increasing the users contribution to the bill.


Basic Economics of Medicare and Social Security


There is a serious disconnection between what Medicare coverage considers reasonable pricing and what the Medical profession considers actual costs that the system is heading for a major crash if nothing is done soon.

Click Below for a Link to my HUB Article that explains this problem.

The Disconnection between the Medical Profession and Medicare coverage



Habits and Other People’s Dogs


I’m Just an Old Rolling Stone

SNAFU, The State of our World Today