HERBS, Plants and FOODS

This Page contains links that I have found in my searches on the web for pertinent information of Foods and their affects on a person’s Health.

Some of the links include Nutritional Information while others also include medicinal benefits of, and uses for, the Foods and the Plants listed. Some of these are on locations I have found, and others are to my own Posts.


Data on Other Sites:

APPLE, RED – Health Benefits

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – Health benefits

BELL PEPPERS – Health benefits

BLACK CHERRY – Health Benefits

BLACK PEPPER – Health Benefits

BLACK TEA – Health Benefits

BROCCOLI – Health Benefits

CAYENNE PEPPERS – Health Benefits

COCONUT OIL – Health Benefits

FLAX SEED – Health Benefits


GREEN TEA – Health Benefits

KRILL OIL – Benefits

LEMON – Benefits


ONION PEELS – Health Benefits

PARSLEY – Health Benefits

PEPPERMINT – Health Benefits

ROSEMARY – Health Benefits

SAGE – Health Benefits

SWEET POTATO – Health Benefits – Nutrition Info

TEA TREE OIL – Health Benefits

TURMERIC – Health Benefits


Data on Don Bobbitt’s Sites





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