A POOR Man’s Guide to Writing and Publishing a Book



by Donald Bobbitt

When I was working on my first book in hopes of eventually having it published, I found that I had no idea “how to actually get a book published”.

I ended up spending several months researching information, not only on Publishers, but also on relatively unknown writers and how they published their works.

I soon realized that, being an unknown writer, the old formal resources for publishing a book were going to be very expensive.

But, I also found that many writers, even established ones, were moving into self-publishing their works, for a myriad of reasons, the main one being the cost.

I now self-publish my books and I have learned that although it is a unique world for a writer, I am satisfied with the fact that I am saving a lot of money and I have total control of my works.

I wrote this specific book to provide two valuable things to the novice writer, who might have very little money to invest and who wants to write and publish a book, but just doesn’t know the basics.

The first part of the book is a collection of Tips and requirements for the writer to use if they want to generate a quality book that a reader might enjoy.

The second part is about how to structure your book for publishing as well as suggestions on a good low-cost publisher that I utilize.

If yu are interested in Reviewing or Purchasing this book, in either Paperback or Kindle eBook formats, click on the secure link below to AMAZON where it is listed for sale;

A Poor Mans Guide to Writing and Publishing a Book


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