FOOD FACTS, a collection of information on Foods



by Donald Bobbitt

I actually collected most of the information in this reference book over several decades.

Being a male and having absolutely no knowledge of how to cook foods,   I decided to learn just what all of this food and cooking stuff was all about.

I started by collecting all of those free note cards and recipes from supermarkets, along with real recipes from friends in shoe boxes for reference.

Of course, this collection eventually became too cumbersome to use effectively and I spend my spare time converting the shoe boxes of paper into a word processor document.

Naturally, this evolved into my book.

This book is organized alphabetically by food name, and grouped by categories such as; Herbs, Spices, Vegetables, Meats, Legumes, Nuts, Fruits, Grains, and more.

For each food, it will often provide information on; Recognition, Selection, Storage, Preparation, Cooking, Health Benefits, and even more.

If you are interested in reviewing or even purchasing this book, in either Paperback or Kindle eBook format, click on the secure link below;

FOOD FACTS, a Food Reference Book


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