ROADKILL, a Collection



by Donald Bobbitt

This book is a collection of various works by Don Bobbitt over the past few years.

It includes; Short Stories, Poems and just Commentary on Life in general.

Each of these stories, whether good writing or bad (that is always your decision as the reader), had something in them with special meaning to me, personally.

And, as such, these experiences , in one way or another, made a difference in my life.

While looking for a meaningful title, I noticed a cartoon that featured a picture of an animal lying on the road and labeled Roadkill.

My mind went to those moments in my life when I would be driving along some remote road and as I came around a curve in the road, I would drive over the remains of one of these poor animals, with a loud “thump”.

This convinced me that this was my book title, Roadkill.

In my mind it was just a collection of surprising and meaningful moments in my “road of life” where something had moved me and given my soul one of those loud “thumps”.

Some I heeded, some I ignored until years later, but all of them changed me.

If you are interested in reviewing or even purchasing this book, in either Paperback or Kindle eBook formats, click on the link below to Amazon where it is listed;

ROADKILL, Bumps in my Road of Life


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