Political Commentary.

I have to do it sometimes, especially when I see so many blatantly damaging changes being made by Congress.

These uncaring “tacked on” changes are constantly taking more and more of the livelihood from the Seniors, Retirees and the truly disabled and need people of our country.

And then they blatantly re-allocate this “found money” to; illegal immigrants, welfare abusers and even other nations that inherently despise us.

Click and read, then if you find them interesting, join me in my protests of a corrupt political system

Remember, politicians get votes that we cast, one at a time. Putting your vote with someone else that truly wants to help America can be all that’s needed to improve things.


The Presidential Primary Process is just another form of enterrainment.

Just Say you’re Sorry, Ted Cruz.

There’s a Storm Coming and Trump is just a sign of America’s discontent

Trump, What an ASS! But, Right now he’s my kind of Ass!


Politicians should be changed like a Babies Diapers, and for the same reason.

Syrian Refugees? What does a nation with a conscience do?

Muslims of the world. Don’t Like the Hate? Fix Yourselves!


LEAVE my S*&^ ALONE. How retirees are being financially raped by our representatives.

Shouldn’t we use our taxes to support our fellow citizens before we give it away to the ungrateful nations who hate us?