SOCIAL Commentary

Here you will read my take on just about everything that strikes me as different, good, bad, suspicious or just funny; from the best Beer Glasses to why Floridians don’t care much for Snowbirds.

These articles are written to be entertaining and many are laced with a dash of Sarcasm.

I apologize for nothing I write and these especially, so click and read at your leisure.


It’s Florida Hot!

Why do we like to meet in Pubs?

Why should I pay for your extravagant student loans?


The Confederate Flag? Really? Is that all you Got to Bitch about?

My PC (Political Correctness) is damaged beyond repair.



The Right Beer Glass for Beer

Remember the Dreamsicle?

Seagulls are the Rats of the Sea!Bamboo_01

Saving a Florida Lake Turtle from Traffic


I propose a new TV Rating, BS-1


SNAFU – American Politics is just another example of the state of the world.


Old Habits and Other People’s Dogs.

Hey Snowbirds! We really don’t care how you did it up North!