No Selling on but Yes if I get another host for my template?

I'm in a Pickle!

I’m in a Pickle!

Just a question for my fellow Bloggers .

I have crawled up the learning curve now and I have two pretty good sites set up and running.

The templates and widgets that I have done were all done working within the constraints of the system.

And …. Thats OK.  They said up front that certain things were not allowed, but that has worked out for me, so far.

As I load my sites with my works, I am also studying the system, templates, and tools. You see, I wanted to being up a store and sell some affiliate products as well as some of my own.

To do this, I can use some very good WordPress site packages but I need to get my own host.

WP recommends a number pf Hosting vendors that they consider the best, and I am in the process of looking at what they offer.

So, my spare time is now being spent on screening many WordPress/Wordpress compatible templates and Hosting systems.

Now to my question? You have probably figured out that I am a Tightwad and that I want the best and most flexible site and host that costs me almost nothing.

Anyone have a suggestion for me to look into?