Relatives, Sorting Them Out

It’s the Rare person who has Relatives who are all shining examples of the greatness of humanity.

In my Youth, I had so many relatives around me that I believed such constant appearances of mine at our home was the norm for everyone.

Eventually, I learned that I was living a life of exception, and that the majority of the other families I knew of had what I would now call a smaller “clan” to observe and learn from.

So, my feeling that my family was exceptionally large was mostly because we were exceptional.

You see, both my Mother and my Father had so many siblings, who themselves married and had children over that post-war decade or so that my “clan” gave me so many variations in personality and personal philosophies to watch and learn from.

One of the first things you would notice about my family was that on any Sunday, and often any Saturday, there would be four, five, or maybe more of my relatives visiting us.

Sometimes it might be an Uncle or an Aunt who would just stop by to get Mom’s or Dad’s help dealing with something  that required their help or often just a little advice.

Other times it was just a casual stopover at our place to socialize. This was most common with the men. Dadf had an “open door, cold beer” policy whenever any of them stopped by. Dad might be in the middle of something he was working on in his shop, but regardless of who stopped by, the work stopped and he would hand the other person a beer and thy would walk out ext to the pond and sit and talk.

My relatives, especially the uncles and aunts varied so much in what they did during the war and how it affected them that I could write a book on their experiences. I have often called myself a Storyteller over my lifetime and looking back, this was most likely because I would sit quietly and listened to them tell so many stories of their experiences.

Their stories covered the spectrum of wartime realities and experiences, I guess; some were scary, some were heart breaking, some made you cry and some made you laugh until tears rolled from your eyes. All were exceptional to me and I carry them still, in my heart.

I had a relative who was extremely religious before the war and you couldn’t drag him into a church, any church, when he came home.  And I had relatives who could curse a blue streak at a moment’s notice if provoked who came back demanding that no one say a curse word in front of him.

I had relatives who would give you the shirt off of their backs and I had one relative who would steal anything that wasn’t tied down when he visited.

I had relatives who served in every branch of the service; on a Navy Cruiser, on a Sub-Chaser out of San Diego (my Dad), My favorite uncle was in the Marine corp and landed on two Pacific islands. They found him sitting in a bomb crater talking to his friend. His friend was sitting beside him, but his head was missing.

As I said, these relatives of mine were working class people who had seen and shared things most of us cannot imagine, and I grew up surrounded by them, and listening to them. And all of these war hardened men and women were just trying to get or hold a job, raise a family and pretend they didn’t know what they knew; hadn’t seen what they had seen, hadn’t done what they had done.

That’s where I grew up; with these relatives of mine.

But Sundays? Mom cooked on Sunday. She always got up early, cooked most of the food and then she went to church; often dragging myself and my siblings along with her. Yeah, I was raised going to church; every Sunday morning and sometimes on Sunday evening and even on Wednesdays.

There were no gourmet dishes on Mom’s table, it was always simple fare.

By 1:00pm every sunday, there would always be; fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, sliced tomatoes on a bed of lettuce and canned biscuits; along with fresh milk, Buttermilk )(dad’s favorite) and sweet tea for everyone else. The meal was always the same and if anyone was visiting at that time of the day they were always welcome to eat with us. Always!

But I grew up! I didn’t watch it happen, it just did. I got taller, I graduated High School and i went into the Navy myself. There was no master plan, I did what my dad did and I went away for a few years. i was assigned to an aircraft carrier and i traveled the world, chasing women of every color, fighting and gambling with men of many different nationalities, and I stared at so many of mankind’s monuments to itself. I didn’t know ti was happening, but I grew up over those years.

The strange and to me sad thing that happened though was that all of my relatives grew older. They had jobs when I left home and when I came back, they had careers. Overall, I can say that they had fought their demons and came out victorious, for the most part. And their perspective of me? I was no longer the kid who would sit for hours and listen to them tell their war stories; I was now a grown man who it seemed at time were embarrassed to tell a story to. They ahd built their own walls and the lived behind them in safety.

Anyway, these are just a couple of my best memories of a few of my relatives. They were strong honest people who always treated me as if there was something special about me and I’ll always be grateful to them for that.

Now, after almost three-quarters of a century, living my life, with my wife by my side, these great and unique people are all gone. All I have left of these great relatives of mine are my; funny, insane, loving, hateful, crazy, sad, wonderful memories.

By Don Bobbitt





Political Rant – Pre-Existing Conditions not covered?

Every now and then I have to go into one of my Rants about the callous stupidity of our nations politicians.

This is one of those rants about these heartless and cruel politicians and their attempt at splitting people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions away from the rest of the population, essentially condemning them to eventual poverty and becoming second class citizens, with health problems that will often lead to the depletion of any saving they have or worse, their deaths.

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Yes, I am an ASSHOLE! But, I’m not a perfect one.

I just have to write a little something about this.

If my article title offends anyone, I apologize ahead of time, before I go on.

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A Passing Thing, Sad to Say!


Over there!

What  strange group of people!

Look at them, such a strange and mixed bag of Humanity.

They’re just standing there,

staring at that old memorial with the nasty soldier statue.

How strange!


Oh look, they removed their hats,

and placed their hands over their Hearts.

And now they are repeating some strange words that they all seem to know.

How embarrassing, don’t you think?


What’s that?

They call themselves Patriots?

And they are repeating the National Anthem?

Oh, and you say this day is actually a national holiday?

Set aside to honor our men and women who served in our military?

Oh my!


Well, Come along kids,

I don’t want you to get too close to such a bunch of radicals.

Besides, we’re late getting to the sale at the department store.

Bamboo_01by Don Bobbitt, November 11, 2016, All Rights Reserved




You don’t know me, I’m one of those who voted for Trump

Yeah, here I am, one of those Average Americans that came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump. (Or, was it to vote against Clinton?).

Anyway, I was up late, watching this very important election and finally the results turned and started going in Trump’s direction, and I must say, the consternation and shock on the faces of the whole world of journalists was, honestly, entertaining.

I got to watch the final end of the thousands of repeated and twisted ads fired at Trump and his supporters.

Anyway, i wrote a pretty good article where I attempted to explain to these opinionated news-mongers, just who I am. I am, simply put, a veteran and a common man who worked his whole life without any superlatives that the liberal press would be interested in exploring.

Me? I am just an Average American, who was finally able to symbolically  “spit in the face” of those who have ignored the plight of us, the Average American over the past decade.

Click on the link below to read my article.

You don’t know me.

by Don Bobbitt, November, 2016


I was Just Thinkin’ – Here I sit, Retired?

IWas Just Thinkin' - IRS Agents, FBI Agents

That’s right, I’m Retired!

And, here I have combined two different articles of mine for efect. The first half I wrote when I turned 65. The second half are my reflections on then, Now and what I am afraid about tomorrow and our future as retirees.

Click on the link below to read the article.

Here I am, RETIRED, Reflections of a Retiree.

by Don Bobbitt,2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

Sunday Morning Politics - Who is looking Out for ME?

I’m just Having a Great Day, that’s all!


I just thought I would let everyone know.

I’m having a good day, today.

You know how it is, some days you get up and you (or your body?) just isn’t in sync with the world.

Something might ache a little more than normal, or your brain is a mili-second out of sync with the physical universe, and you keep tripping over things, or dropping things, or whatever. Continue reading

Sign of Autumn – A lone leaf


A Colorful Leaf

rides a light Autumn Breeze

on its

Trip to Nowhere.



by Don Bobbitt, 2014
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Diabetes, The Facts explained simply for everyone.

My Best Cheeseburger! Ever!

OK, as a Diabetic, (Type-2 Diabetic that is) I often get a little frustrated with having to explain why I can’t have that slice of Pecan Pie, or that large piece of Red Velvet Cake covered with several scoops of Ice Cream, etc.

Being a Diabetic, I have to stay on my toes when it comes to my daily food selections, and certain things are not allowed.

Most people just do not understand Diabetes, and I wrote the article below for you, so you can appreciate the disease itself as well as what a Diabetic must do to maintain a healthy body, every day.

So, click on the link below to read my HubPage article if you want to understand Diabetes and how to manage it.

Diabetes, Facts for the Newbie

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

I Was Just Thinking! How big must your Cajones be?

IWas Just Thinkin' - IRS Agents, FBI Agents

That’s right Exactly How Big must your cajones be for you to run for political office?

I’m just wondering, you understand. I am not interested in the job myself. But these people have gotten themselves voted into such plush jobs that for them to use their perks must take a pretty large set. Continue reading

Who Crashed my PC – Part-2

My ASUS Notebook PC

My ASUS Notebook PC

Who Crashed my PC – Part-2 What do I use my PC for, anyway?

I realized that this was the real question for me if I ended up needing to purchase a new PC.  I knew that how I recovered my data was an integral part of the resolution to my larger problem. My real problem was what did I need for the future, not what worked OK in the past

So, I sat back and spent some time reviewing just what I used my PC for, now that I was more involved as a writer, a traveler, and a retiree. Did I keep on down the same road, or did I need to reset my computer use goals?

My decision process is shown in my Blog listed below. Click on it and read about what a retired writer/traveler was doing with his PC.


Who Crashed my PC – Part-2

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014


A Seniors View of His Medical Insurance Future

Ryan-pic by DonkeyHotey via flickr

It seems that we Seniors are eating too much Chicken at the political picnic!

And, if history is any lesson on how corporations and governments operate, I and the rest of us Boomers, are in serious trouble.

I figure that once the younger people of America get put on “Coupons” for their future insurance,
I assume we older ones with be the next ones who get the shaft. 

It would be a natural and obvious next step for the government as Medicare costs go up, if for no other reason than that there will be less people on Medicare and thus the shared costs will be less. This in itself would drive our Congress to give we remaining participants our own “Coupons”. And applaud themselves for doing it.

Here is the thing about COUPONS that we should all remember.
1- let’s say that Congress approves and issues a Coupon for $150 per month for you to go out and buy insurance yourself with independent insurance companies.
2- Everyone goes out and purchases insurance coverage for $140 per month at first.
3- Then, 3 years later inflation has made the insurance companies charge $170 per month.

Where do the “Coupon”  holders then stand?
Well, they write a check for the difference themselves, every month, until Congress meets and approves an increase in the value of a COUPON.
4- So, after another year, they place a bill before congress for a COUPON increase $170, right?
5- Well, If you assume there are 50-Million people on Medicare that’s $20 times 50-million or over 1-Billion dollars would be added to the National debt.
6- So with this kind of potential increase to the debt, there will be a lot of fighting over whether an increase will be approved at all.
7- And if it is approved then they will, in all probability, add provisions to cut the coverage available and thus reduce that awful 1-Billion dollar future debt.

This is my scenario analysis and as we Boomers and Seniors die off, our combined influence and leverage in congress will slowly decline until we are an insignificant force to be dealt with, at the worst times in our lives, when we are in our eighties or older.

And, if my scenario is correct, by the time Congress did anything to raise the coverage and implement the change, the insurance companies will probably have raised their rates to $180.

See the problem?

So,get ready to be put on the perpetual CATCH-UP Wheel of shrinking Medical Care.


I filed my Taxes and learned something along the way.- Moving Expenses

I filed my taxes the other day, and boy am  pissed.
I retired, and like so many retirees I decided to move to a more friendly climate.
I purchased a small place in Florida and I relocated there last year, so of course, I expected to get a little bit of a tax break to offset the expenses of moving to my new abode.

Our loving and supportive Congress decided that we, the retirees of the world, do not deserve to claim these moving expenses.
No, if I am employed and even if I get help from my employer, they feel that a working person should still have this tax break.

But, me? A Retiree?
No matter that I am now on a very limited retirement income.
No matter that my move was made even more expensive because of my age and health requiring more hired labor than ever before.
Nope, We the Retirees, the Seniors, the Baby Boomers have been forced to live within yet another federally enforced limitation on our remaining years.



Don Bobbitt

I Bought a HYBRID CAR today – How I made the decision as a Boomer Retiree

Toyota Hybrid – pic by Don Bobbitt

I Bought a Hybrid today – How I made the Decision considering the cost of a Hybrid Car

This link is to my HUB where I describe the process that I went through to purchase a new car, after my retirement, and get the best price, best fuel economy, and the best vehicle for my money, all at the same time.

Check it out!


Don Bobbitt

My Morning Rant or The Times we live in.

My Morning Rant or The Times we live in.

This is another of my Morning Rants about the way the news media considers everyone to be in their twenties and physically in great shape when they talk about drugs, foods, exercise and so forth.
Don Bobbitt