Blog maintenance is Not Easy! But it is Necessary!


This post is essentially an apology to those readers who occasionally stop by and read my poetry, favorite music, and often, ravings.

I built this site to be a centralized point that would provide access to my other Blogs and writing sites.

I realized over a year ago that I had gone slightly insane in generating new Blogs, on a wide variety of subjects, and that I had expanded to the point that I wasn’t doing any of my sites justice.

And, I am not a purist. I need to make a few bucks on my writings. Not a fortune, but something!. This site, as you might know is a WordPress site and is not allowed to be commercial.

So, one of the things I do is provide links to some of my writings on my other sites that I hope are of interest. And, those other sites to put ads into my articles.

If you click on the link, I might get a fraction of a penny. If you click on an ad, I might get a larger fraction of a penny. If you purchase what is in the ad, I might get a small fraction of what Google gets for putting the ad there.

This not a way to get rich. On a good month, I might make enough for my wife and I to go out to dinner. And, that’s good enough for me.

Back to my problem.

OK, my problem is that I need to consolidate my writings into as few sites as possible to build up my traffic.

I have avoided this because it will be so time consuming. But, I must start so my plan is to trim down the number of sites, each of which ill have  clear focus on one subject.

This site? well, I will keep it going with better and clearer links to my other sites.

And, of course, I will continue my ravings on the world and the idiots that run things.

Thanks, and I ope you stop by occasionally to see what crazy things I am intio over the next year.




Just Thinkin’ – Am I doing the Right Thing? Using WordPress?


I really do wonder at times, if I am doing the right thing.

I have been writing on HubPages and several Blogger Blogs for several years. My No.2 goal has always been to make a little money with my writings, and these sites do provide some i come for me.

With though, sales and profits are not a primary attribute for writers. It seems that you need to go over to the side and set yourself up for any money-making you may want to go after.

So, I have spent many hours over the past couple of months evaluating WP and my potential future using WP. My original goal was to drive traffic with my WP site to my HP and Blogger sites. This way, I could expect some increase in readership and consequently income.

Has it worked? Well. if you have ever started a new Blog or web-site, you know that results take time. Honestly, I think I am on the right track, but I do wonder, at times.

I feel, at this time that I maybe should slide over to the side and generate a REAL store of my own and experiment with the world of online sales and money-making.

If I do go there, I will be like a blind man in a candy store. Flailing my way through customized tools and HTML Code until I have set up a good commercial site.

More Later!

No Selling on but Yes if I get another host for my template?

I'm in a Pickle!

I’m in a Pickle!

Just a question for my fellow Bloggers .

I have crawled up the learning curve now and I have two pretty good sites set up and running.

The templates and widgets that I have done were all done working within the constraints of the system.

And …. Thats OK.  They said up front that certain things were not allowed, but that has worked out for me, so far.

As I load my sites with my works, I am also studying the system, templates, and tools. You see, I wanted to being up a store and sell some affiliate products as well as some of my own.

To do this, I can use some very good WordPress site packages but I need to get my own host.

WP recommends a number pf Hosting vendors that they consider the best, and I am in the process of looking at what they offer.

So, my spare time is now being spent on screening many WordPress/Wordpress compatible templates and Hosting systems.

Now to my question? You have probably figured out that I am a Tightwad and that I want the best and most flexible site and host that costs me almost nothing.

Anyone have a suggestion for me to look into?



Sometimes I Write just to Clear My Head

Sunset Grill Beach

Sunset Grill Beach

OK, I write a lot.   In fact, sometimes, I write too darn much, at least according to my wife.

But, I’s sorry, it’s what I do!  Being a normal person in other ways, this writing thing is not quite an obsession for me, but I guess that it does come close, at times.

If you check out this new site of mine, it is an attempt to provide access to my writings that I have foolishly laid like fresh eggs all over the web. I really didn’t start out with a plan for presenting my works, and boy, does it show now.

I have published books, articles, short stories, poetry, recipes, “How To” articles, Blogs and more. I’m not bragging, this kind of thing just seems to happen to myself and my fellow web writers, eventually. Even if we aren’t necessarily great at a form of writing, sooner or later, in  our arrogance, we will attempt it.

So What, You say?

Looking at a lot of my writings, I can see that I am often just attempting to do a very simple thing. I Just Need to Clear my Head.

You see, things grow there, in my head. They always have. Regardless of what I am doing, there are these other ideas, thoughts, whatever that are stirring around up there. And, over my life, I have entertained myself by taking these and working them into something more than a passing thought.

Once I take these thoughts and work them to the point that they make sense,  then I can finally file them away in a remote corner of my brain, and, with a level of relief, I can move on to the next one.  Of, course, this wasn’t very productive, but it was a way I entertained myself.

Over the years, I began writing these things down, evolving eventually to using the web as my storage media. That is how I ended up scattered seemingly randomly all over the web.

This crazy way of writing has been great for me, and I now count on it as my special way to Clear my Head of random thoughts.

So, sometimes, I just write to Clear my Head! And, if you end up following me, you will be subjected to a wide range of ideas and thoughts that are just escaping form my addled brain.

Jump On the Wagon or Run!