I was Just Thinkin’ – Here I sit, Retired?

That's right, I'm Retired! And, here I have combined two different articles of mine for efect. The first half I wrote when I turned 65. The second half are my reflections on then, Now and what I am afraid about tomorrow and our future as retirees. Click on the link below to read the article. …


I’m just Having a Great Day, that’s all!

I just thought I would let everyone know. I'm having a good day, today. You know how it is, some days you get up and you (or your body?) just isn't in sync with the world. Something might ache a little more than normal, or your brain is a mili-second out of sync with the …

Thanks for all the Fish!

A Sunset on the planet called Earth before it was destroyed. I don't know if you are my age or not, but back in the Sixties, there was a great, camp, book that everyone, who considered themselves Cool, had to read. It was originally a radio show, but quickly turned into a book called "The …


US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!

US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!


Your email and controlling access to you.

OK, You probably already have at least one email address, and you know how to use the web, at least to some degree.I mean, you are reading this, so you knew enough to get to it, Right?But, do you get Junk Mail? From people and sites that you have no idea how they got your …