Some Days You Just Don’t Give a Damn!

Some Days, You Just Don’t Give a Damn!

One of the first signs to me that I am in a bad mood is when I find myself staring through my TV screen or newspaper, and not at it.

You know what I mean, when you have the daily world news playing on the TV and you realize that even what the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES has to say, at the moment, seems boring, in fact you realize it’s irritating you to just hear his voice.

You go to your kitchen and pour yourself a cup of Coffee, sit down in your favorite chair and pick up your local newspaper. But as you scan the front page, you think to yourself that the pictures and the headlines on the front page are drawing yawns from you, both physically and mentally. You throw the newspaper in your trash and think to yourself; has the whole damned world gone mad?

So you give up and grab your precious Smartphone to see what’s going on with your digital fiends. But, once you open your favorite social media app, you begin to think to yourself that maybe, just maybe, you need new digital friends, because at the moment these people really don’t seem to have a life at all.

The first conversations you see are on ridiculous subjects like;

1- Here’s my Granny’s recipe for biscuits, or

2- Today is my Dog, Tippy’s second birthday, or

3- Here’s a picture of my second cousin, Susan’s sister-in-law, Betty’s newborn baby,

ad nauseam!

I frowned to myself thinking; I know how to make a biscuit, that dog Tippy is just plain ugly and shouldn’t be seen in public, and finally, I don’t know Susan, much less her sister-in-law.

Frustrated, I put my Smartphone down and that’s when it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, I’m my own problem, and my problem is that I’m just having a bad day.

You know what I’m taking about; when you’re having one of those days that you really don’t give a damn, about pretty much anything?

So, accepting that it was going to be such a day for me, I poured myself another cup of Coffee, and decided that; if I’m going to have a “I don’t Give a Damn” day, I should protect the rest of humanity from my sour attitude and maybe just prop up my feet and read a book?

“Because, honestly, I just don’t give a Damn, today!”

By Don Bobbitt, March, 2018

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