Content with the NOW!

I was  reading something this morning that struck me a meaningful; and as I worked on a manuscript through the day my mind kept coming back to it. Finally, after mulling it over for a few hours, I thought I should share my feelings here.
Like so many people I know and have known over my life, I was once an avid “JOINER”; you know; Clubs, teams, social groups, etcetera.
But these days I have a developed a much better perspective on how to spend my time on this planet.
I don’t chase after people anymore. If they really want to see me then they will find me.
If they really want to meet, sit and stare at a Sunset, or just walk along a wooded path, with me tagging along, I will certainly go.
f they I am someone who they want to sit with, whether over a Coffee or a Beer, and talk over something that they feel a need to discuss with someone, I will provide a willing ear.
If they just want to get something that has been torturing their mind or soul, off of their chest; again, I will hold their hand and listen.
And if they just want my opinion? Well, if they really know me, then they already know that I have plenty of those!
You see, after spending so much of my life, racing after so many people and things, I find I am now content with who and what I am.
It took a lot of time and much heart-rending thought, over what I felt were the many dark periods of my life, for me to reach this point.
But finally, I am content with the bad things and the good things that I have done and thought, over my years as well as with what has been done to me by others.
Revenge and Malice lie as ashes at the feet of my contented mind!
Besides, I find that my wife’s company and the company of the few people who we do see and talk with, all keep me wonderfully entertained.
by Don Bobbitt, 2018

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, May 2018, All Rights Reserved

The Great Google and HubPages


If you are a follower of mine, (and I only have a few) then you have noticed that I have written on HubPages for almost four years now.

Sad Cookie

Sad Cookieu are a follower, you will have already seen that I have links to some of my writings on HubPages. I have been writing on HubPages for almost 4 years, in fact.

And, trying not to brag and yet, still be Honest, I have some pretty good works on my HP domain.

You see, I LIKE THEM!  And that’s what writing is all about, really. Writing is about making yourself Happy as you; generate a tale about life, tell a story, write a Poem, or just sit down and RANT.

Writers are strange that way, they have to write to be happy.

Anyway, if you are in to such things, writers on HP can make some decent money if their writings are featured by the major search engines, such as Google and Bing and many, many others.

Well, without going into the details if search engines and hwo they make and share their money with writers, recently, the Great Google made an adjustment to their algorithms for prioritizing where an article or Hub is ranked in their searches.

When this happens, the world of Bloggers and other Writers and even many business’ is turned on end. For instance, if you have a business that makes handkerchiefs that you sell on your website and Google has been ranking your site on the first page of searches for handkerchiefs. than you will get a lot of business.

Now picture of the Great Google makes an algorithm change and now your site is listed as the 10,000 site for handkerchiefs. Well, you can picture what will happen to your website sales, and why everyone is scared of any change by Google, or Bing, or the others. But, Google is the big dog sitting on the porch.

At the moment, Google ‘s new changes have devastated a number of the the more profitable HP writer, and everyone is in a panic.

They are all reevaluating their sites, their keywords, their content, everything they can think of to get back their business.

Me? I write! I like what I write! I keep a pretty standard structure to my Hubs, and I don’t do Keyword evaluations, or high end article analysis. I just write.

And, if no on reads my article, I rewrite sometime later, when I get in the mood for such work. Eventually, if it is just not going to get readers, I accept that fact and pull the thing from HP.

You see, I make enough off of my Hubs to go out to dinner every few weeks, and that’s about it.

So, I find myself in a peculiar position. If I never had enormous traffic and income, then when everyone else gets “hit”, I just seem to float along, with the same meager income, and my Hubs get great comments from the same people who enjoy them for what they are; good information and entertainment.

I think I’ll go outside and chase a Butterfly or something (sic).

Orange Wave

by DON Bobbitt May 2013

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2013, All Rights Reserved.

Orange Wave