Is Trump for Real? Folks, he’s a sign of whats wrong with our 2-party system.

Is Trump for Real?

I just read an article by yet another journalist who asked this question, wondering if this brash, outspoken rich man is a real candidate for our presidency?

Well, just the fact that so many newscasters are stymied by his presence on the political stage is a sign that even they are out of touch with what a large portion of the American Public really thinks and wants.

Why is Trump so popular, you might ask?

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Presidential Candidates, How many do we need?


OK, Before you read this any further, please accept my apology for my obvious stupidity.

I mean, I must be stupid, because at this point in our nation’s history (and my life) there are so many things going on in our political process that I just don’t understand, I get baffled easily.

So, here is my problem, today;

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Congressional Idiots, Minority Factions harming the Majority

I just have to write this.

Over the past few years, our Congressional representatives have slipped into their jobs, like rats slipping onto a ship. And once there, they “peel off their false robes” that showed them as patrons of the people, and shown their true colors.

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