Another New Year? Hell, I wasn’t through with the last one, yet!

Here we go again! Another year has started on the clock of life, and I'm still working on things I had to do last year. I mean, really! I looked back at my last January first's resolutions, and it's kind of embarrassing, how little I got done. My intentions were lofty and my soul was …


Yoga for Seniors – 7 Yoga Exercises a Senior can do, on their feet.

  OK, Yoga is Cool. And, I really can see how it can help a person keep their body in better condition. Here's my problem. I took a couple of Yoga classes two years ago. The instructor said up front that it was designed for beginners and we would be Ok taking the class. Well, …

My Morning Rant or The Times we live in.

My Morning Rant or The Times we live in. This is another of my Morning Rants about the way the news media considers everyone to be in their twenties and physically in great shape when they talk about drugs, foods, exercise and so forth.   Don Bobbitt