Another Afternoon, Another Pain, Another Smile!

Wine glass in hand, I closed the sliding door. Then I limped across the carpeted Lanai. as the cooling Gulf breeze, blew through the Palm leaves in my yard. and across my porch. Slowly, stiffly, I sat down, with the spasms wracking  my back reminding me of my days round of Golf. Slowly, after setting my wine […]


JOKE – A True Golfer

TRUE GOLFER   He left home around 8:30am to play golf with his friends. On the way out the door, he answered his wife’s “What time will you be home?” “Probably around 1:30 – I’ll have lunch at the club.” 1:30 came and went, 3:00 passed, 6:15, still not home, finally at about 7:00pm he […]