Come on!

Just do it ….. Laugh!

It’s not so hard, really.

Look out your window and see something funny.

As you stand there, gazing at that outside world,

tune up your sense of humor, and well, LAUGH!

It can’t just be me.

If I look long enough, even in a mirror,

what I see makes me laugh!

So, I have no trouble at least cracking into a smile.

Look at that tree in you lawn that usually irritates you because it’s in your way.

And, think about how much fun it would be cutting the darn thing down, yourself!

Look at that neighbor who walks his Dog and leaves the Poop on your lawn,

and think about how silly he looks,

bent over,

big butt in the air, picking up Poop!

Or, just look at the sky,

and laugh at the fact that you’re upright, healthy and breathing!

Or, just be lazy like me and remember that it takes less muscles to smile than to frown.

Have a great Day and don’t forget, LAUGH!

by Don Bobbitt


Another Afternoon, Another Pain, Another Smile!


Wine glass in hand,

I closed the sliding door.

Then I limped across the carpeted Lanai.

as the cooling Gulf breeze,

blew through the Palm leaves in my yard.

and across my porch.

Slowly, stiffly, I sat down,

with the spasms wracking  my back

reminding me

of my days round of Golf.


after setting my wine onto the glass-top table,

I stuff an old cushion between my lower back

and the wicker chair.

A sigh of relief escaped my mouth,

as I reached to grasp the medicinal wine.

A Sip from the sweating wine glass,

and a smile spreads across my face.



though my back muscles are still twitching,

I think about the game tomorrow!

Orange Wave

by DON BOBBITT, 2013

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2013, All Rights Reserved!

Orange Wave