I was Just Thinkin’ – Here I sit, Retired?

That's right, I'm Retired! And, here I have combined two different articles of mine for efect. The first half I wrote when I turned 65. The second half are my reflections on then, Now and what I am afraid about tomorrow and our future as retirees. Click on the link below to read the article. …


I was Just Thinkin’ – PORK BARREL Issues

This little article includes my rant about the stupidity of Congress and their continuing inability ro agree to resolve issues. It is my opinion, mine only, and I do this, for no other reason than to lower my blood pressure. This is not an effort to change the minds (really?) of those that we have …

Deferred Taxes – the Catch-22 for Baby-Boomers and other Retirees

Check out my Hub article on the realities of being a Retiree and having an IRA that continues to shrink much faster than planned. DEFERRED TAXES - Another Catch-22 for BABY BOOMERS with a 401K or IRA   Don Bobbitt


Political News – I hate it when I am drowning in it and I become afraid when I hear nothing.

The daily Political News is a YIN-YANG thing to me. I complain when I am inundated with it throughout the day, as with the latest PRIMARY reporting. But, If I get a few hours into the day, and some idiot in Washington hasn't come out with yet another stupid statement, well, then I get scared. …


One in Eight Millionaires are Tax Audited by the IRS

Mr. Rich pic by mediaflury via flikr ONE in EIGHT, that's 1 in 8, Millionaires were audited by the IRS last year! This was one of those CNN streamer tag-lines lines morning. OK, this, for some reason really BURNS ME! Where is the individual opportunity for catching and recovering the most money? We call that …


Dons Saturday Morning RANT – a political comment

My Rant about how Congress has attached so many riders onto the bill to extend the income tax break for Americans, that it has very little chance of being passed Dons Saturday Morning RANT - a political comment Don Bobbitt