I was Just Thinkin’ – Here I sit, Retired?

That's right, I'm Retired! And, here I have combined two different articles of mine for efect. The first half I wrote when I turned 65. The second half are my reflections on then, Now and what I am afraid about tomorrow and our future as retirees. Click on the link below to read the article. …


I’m Old enough to Remember-#1 – When we were told SS and Medicare Insurance was a safe thing.

Yes, I am old enough to remember.I remember when I was a young worker for a major electronics manufacturing location and they, our government, told us that paying our SS and Medicare taxes was a GOOD THING!Yep! If we paid those taxes we would be set for life when we retired.A comfortable RETIREMENT and an …

Tips on Finding a new Doctor

Doctor pic by caricaturss, via Flickr   This link is to a great Hub by fellow Hub Writer, "Chuck". It explains what the normal person should do when they need to find a new Doctor. Regardless of the reasons for needing a new Doctor, you want to pick someone that meets your needs, your insurance …


A Seniors View of His Medical Insurance Future

Ryan-pic by DonkeyHotey via flickr It seems that we Seniors are eating too much Chicken at the political picnic!And, if history is any lesson on how corporations and governments operate, I and the rest of us Boomers, are in serious trouble. I figure that once the younger people of America get put on "Coupons" for their …


Thanks for all the Fish!

A Sunset on the planet called Earth before it was destroyed. I don't know if you are my age or not, but back in the Sixties, there was a great, camp, book that everyone, who considered themselves Cool, had to read. It was originally a radio show, but quickly turned into a book called "The …


We should take care of OUR OWN, FIRST!

I think people our age need to start literally preaching to our fellow public. First: You are right, I think where 20 years ago we were in a GRAY area somewhere between True Democracy, and some popular Socialistic trends and laws being implemented. I am afraid that, as you imply, we have run, not walked, …


US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!

US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!