Presidential Primary Process, entertainment for the masses?

I don’t know if this is going to be one of my rants or not, so here goes.

You all know that we are a number of months into the craziest and strangest presidential primary process ever seen in the history of American Politics.

If you don’t know what’s going on right now then you truly qualify as being “OFF THE GRID”.In fact you have to be so far off the Grid that I wonder why I’m thinking about you at all. You obviously do not receive any communications, at all from the rest of the country.

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I now have an important Skill everyone should Learn in today’s world.


Well, I’ve finally done it.

It took a long time to perfect it.

And, I had to suffer through a lot of “noise” as I trained myself in this new skill.

You see, I can now turn my TV ON in the morning and place it on one of the, what they call, News Channels. It really doesn’t matter which one,.

They all call themselves “fair and honest” reporters of the facts, when in fact I and everyone I know, who owns a TV, is aware that some are Right Wing and others are Left Wing, and a few just flat out twist the truth until it is unrecognizable for their own personal popularity polls.

Anyway, I recently realized that regardless of the channel, or the reporter, there is only so much “real News” to report on, in the world.

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