News Media and the standard BS

I was just wondering. You see, today I was watching a news network on my TV, you know which one. It's the one with over 75% (which seems like 90% after all these months) of their 24-hour coverage being about the Republican candidate for president and what he slips up and said to people 10, …


The News Media and a Jaded America.

Here's my question. Jus How the Hell did we get to this place where we, the American Public, became so Jaded. We trust no one! NO ONE! Accept it, you're just like me, we don't believe anything that anyone says, especially the media, or as a result of the twisted news shows, even a Presidential …

SNAFU! The state of the affairs of the world.

After finishing my half-a-pot of morning coffee, and watching three different networks spout their morning drivel, I can summarize the state of the world as; SNAFU This is an old phrase, that I first heard when I was in the NAVY. It was and I assume is still used by people in the military to …


I now have an important Skill everyone should Learn in today’s world.

  Well, I've finally done it. It took a long time to perfect it. And, I had to suffer through a lot of "noise" as I trained myself in this new skill. You see, I can now turn my TV ON in the morning and place it on one of the, what they call, News …


My Morning Rant or The Times we live in.

My Morning Rant or The Times we live in. This is another of my Morning Rants about the way the news media considers everyone to be in their twenties and physically in great shape when they talk about drugs, foods, exercise and so forth.   Don Bobbitt