Presidential Primary Process, entertainment for the masses?

I don’t know if this is going to be one of my rants or not, so here goes.

You all know that we are a number of months into the craziest and strangest presidential primary process ever seen in the history of American Politics.

If you don’t know what’s going on right now then you truly qualify as being “OFF THE GRID”.In fact you have to be so far off the Grid that I wonder why I’m thinking about you at all. You obviously do not receive any communications, at all from the rest of the country.

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Yeah, There’s a Storm Coming. How do you Like us now?

Read my latest rant where I try to speak to the journalists and political manipulators who are trying to fix yet another national election.

They keep wondering why Trump is still there when they wake up each morning. Well, Listen and learn.

Click on the link below to read my rant against the (two-party) establishment.

How do you like us now!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2016

Chicken Poop is still just Chicken Poop! No matter how you dress it up!


I remember, decades ago, when they carted this old guy out on national news for his unique hobby.

He was obviously a simple farmer who was very uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting.

What this man had done was simple and elegant.

He had a problem; He had worn his body out working on his farm his whole life and now he needed more money so he and his wife could have a better lifestyle.

He looked around, and all he had as resources was his farm itself and whatever was on this piece of land.

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TRUMP? What an Ass! But, right now he’s my favorite Ass!


Yeah, I watched the great CNN managed (prejudiced?) Republican debate on TV.

And, honestly? I loved it.

You might wonder why I, an avowed Independent voter my whole life, would spend several hours of his time watching such a circus.

By independent, I mean, although I have voted religiously, in every election, I have never voted FOR anyone, sad to say.

Rather, I have always been forced to vote AGAINST the worst of the two candidates available to me.

Well, I watched this circus because, I got to see the Republican candidates dancing on their “PAC-puppet” strings, almost in fear it seemed at times, over what a big-mouth rich man might say about, or to, them.

I love it that the news journalists on all of the major networks, are stirring in their own indignant juices over this Donald Trump and his frank and sometimes troubling opinions.

And I love that they keep asking; Why do so many people like him?

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Presidential Candidates, How many do we need?


OK, Before you read this any further, please accept my apology for my obvious stupidity.

I mean, I must be stupid, because at this point in our nation’s history (and my life) there are so many things going on in our political process that I just don’t understand, I get baffled easily.

So, here is my problem, today;

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I was just Thinking? – Where have the Verbal Combatants gone?


I know! It’s a strange question, but I was just wondering.

For most of my life, i could pick an argument whenever I wanted.

People had opinions!

Now, for some reason our society has been turned into what was once called a collection of “milk-toasts”. These days, supposed “intelligent” people avoid confrontation and dodge disagreements.

A red face and flying saliva from a distorted mouth is no longer a sign that a person has strong feelings about a subject. Rather it’s looked on as being crude and impolite. And, sad to say, someone will probably mention their mental health.

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I was Just Thinkin’ – Here I sit, Retired?

IWas Just Thinkin' - IRS Agents, FBI Agents

That’s right, I’m Retired!

And, here I have combined two different articles of mine for efect. The first half I wrote when I turned 65. The second half are my reflections on then, Now and what I am afraid about tomorrow and our future as retirees.

Click on the link below to read the article.

Here I am, RETIRED, Reflections of a Retiree.

by Don Bobbitt,2014

Copyright, DonBobbitt, 2014, All Rights Reserved

Sunday Morning Politics - Who is looking Out for ME?

Making excuses for the Tea Party, Trying to condone the destruction of America

Roadside Sign

I was listening to the news yesterday and there was an endless line of Congressmen marching in front of the cameras.

The were either attacking and blaming each other for the ridiculous brinksmanship we Americans have been dragged through.

The amazing thing was that each one continued to feel that they were the ones that were right and that the “other guys” were to be blamed for the recent damage to our nation.  Continue reading

Oct.15,2013, A Day of Infamy. Congressional Polarization

Our National Dead End, pic by Don Bobbitt

This day will be remembered. We, the populace of the US are not the idiots we are obviously considered to be by our our-called representatives.

To have a minority of ideological fanatics in one political part and a group of stubborn idealists in the other have enough power to place our government in the financial position that we now face is unacceptable.

At this point in their game, it is not what their individual delusions really are, it is the fact that they would rather endanger the lives if thousands of citizens, not to mention the once mighty stature of our nation with petty ideologies is enough for us to consider the act of impeachment for many of them.

Over the life of our nation there have been many times when there have been what were considered insurmountable barriers to agreements, but always, the good of the many was put in front of petty differences.
Today, we watch our nation crumble in the hands of a few.

I say, IMPEACH and if we can find a way, imprison the culprits of this obviously PLANNED debacle.

just my opinion, but it is one that I hear it voiced everywhere I go the last few days.

Change? Oh Yes, we demand it!

And We will Not forget this day of infamy!

by Don Bobbitt, Oct.15, 2013

I Was Just Thinkin’- Does Our Government Spend Money just because it can?

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’

Does our government have real justifications for the money they are spending, or do they just do it because the expenditures are grandiose investments in outdated and established causes that have, long ago, lost their polish and shine?

Here is how my muddled mind works. A Scenario for failure!

Take Country-A, somewhere in the world, it doesn’t matter where, really.

Country-A hates Country-B.

Presently, we don’t like Country-B either.

So, we decide to give Country-A some money; say 10-Million Dollars a year, to defend themselves in case Country-B attacks them.

This is how we and other rich nations rub it in the nose of a country to let them that we do not like them. Give money to their enemies.

Of course, we start we just keep writing the checks to Country-A, for years.

It’s now in the Budget, you see.

After a few years though Country-B, to every ones amazement, has a Coup and suddenly becomes a wonderful nation itself. Its new leader, sitting on the barrel of one of its French (or Soviet, or Chinese) tanks and announces to the four corners of the world that they have aspirations of becoming the next great democracy of the world.

So, now we have a new gang of political idiots in Washington who are duly impressed by this new Country-B. They are nearly orgasmic when they se the words “democracy” and “freedom” written on the bullet riddled walls of the many destroyed buildings of the capital city.

To show their new love for Country-B, they bestow say, 20-Million Dollars a year on them. It is necessary, you see, to assure that this new Country-B will continue its march towards its Democratic goals.

Well, in the inimitable way that only our politicians can  do things, they make a grand show of the money grant that we are making to our new friend, Country-B.

Of course, their neighbor, Country-A is really Pissed by this and starts to rattle their international Sabers over how unfair we are being to them in supporting their enemy.

Our politicians go immediately and meet over how much more money they can give to Country-A to, essentially, shut them up.

So, let’s stop here and ask ourselves, what have our politicians accomplished with our money, or should I lift the thin veil from everyone’s eyes and show what it really is, our citizens hard earned tax dollars?

Country-A and Country-B still hate each other, and they always will hate each other. This is because; the truth, the undeniable truth, is that  money doesn’t often buy change, it more often and more easily buys corruption.

And also because of a thing you could call “ingrained hate”. The peoples of these two countries have hated each other for more than a millennium, and the real reason for their hatred has been lost to the ages.

And no amount of money, so casually toosed to them will ever change them.

Their hate is in their bones, in their family jokes, in their history, in the statues erected around the country, in how they wear their clothes differently, in their History books, even, sadly, in their Books of Faith.

So, Really Washington!

Can your feeble legal brains not fathom this basic fact about Humans?

Not 20 or 50 or 100 Million Dollars will change these peoples; not within our lifetimes.

Even I, an opinionated over-the Hill, Redneck, knows that to change inbred cultural hatreds takes generations or learning and commitment. To Change!

Orange Wave

Anyway, I Was Just Thinkin’

by Don Bobbitt, 2013

Orange Wave

I don’t care who you are, JESSE! Check the facts before you speak.


OK, everyone, I heard Jesse Jackson this mornings news.

I will not repeat his statements here, because I am adding a link to the site;FACT CHECKER. Mark Robinson addressed what Mr. Jackson so falsely stated about Florida and the “Stand Your Ground” law we have in place.

But, in summary, and before you go to the link, I was stunned when I heard a public figure be so divisive as to say that the Stand Your Ground Law should be repealed because “too many Blacks are being Killed since the law was implemented.


Besides the statement being false, as you will see in the link below, do American citizens, regardless of their color,really need to hear someone, anyone, try to justify the repeal of a law put in place by a majority of the citizens, because too many of the actual bad guys, again regardless of color, are being killed or injured by the people they attack?

I mean, OK, let’s take the subject of guns out of the equation.

Let me ask you, is it OK if I defend myself with a knife?

OK, OK, a knife can kill the bad guy, you say.

Then, can I usa a baseball bat?

Oh, a baseball bat might give the bad guy a concussion?

So, no baseball bat either?

So, let me take a look at my options here. According to you Jesse, if f a bad guy attacks me or my family, I assume that you want me to do what? Lie down and wait to be wounded, injured, or even killed, just to be politically correct?

Well, I’m SORRY! If you attack me, then law or no law, I am going to defend myself. And if that means taking you out defending myself, then so be it!

That’s how we Roll in Florida! And Jesse, That’s how normal, hard-working, God-fearing, Americans, regardless of Color, race or sex, Roll.

Jeez! I am so tired of seeing only the idiots and hate mongers being coddled by our media. Just print anything they say! It’s good news!

Anyway, Please read the link below and get the actual facts on the issue that Mr. Jackson so quickly distorted.


A look at Jesse Jacksons claims about Stand Your Ground.

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I was Just Thinkin’ – Is it time for there to be a Third Political Party? A Seniors Party?

I was just going through some of my recent rants on Congress and the President, and how they are slowly but steadily stripping our benefits from all of us Seniors.

And, from what I now see, neither political party has any idea how to handle us, the existing retirees or the Baby Boomers.
The fear in their eyes is evident whenever you see them on TV and the subject of how to may the Medicare and Social Security bills that are looming on the Federal budgetary horizon.
I won’t go into the fact that we, as a generation actually paid for our benefits and that the government stole our money and spent it on the Democratic “Great Society”.
No, I want to keep this a simple Blog.
In my opinion, if we Seniors and Baby Boomers do not get ourselves organized as a strong political entity, to protect our rights, them many of us, especially those that now already have marginal funds to support ourselves in our retirement, are going to be literally “on the street” within another year, with what I know and understand about the profound effects of “Obama’Care” on America.
So, really, fellow Senior and Baby Boomer, we need a viable representative for us and our rights, in Congress, and Now!
How do we do this? I do not have a clue, but I welcome suggestions and discussion.
I was Just Thinkin’

Sunday Morning Politics – Who is looking Out for ME?

Sunday Morning Politics and my finances

Here I am again!
It’s a slow and balmy Sunday morning and i’m sitting here, on my PC, looking sadly at my personal finances.
At the same time, I have the TV on, mostly for the background noise and the occasional weather report.
As is the norm, the network channels are loaded with a virtual parade of politicians, all being being interviewed for their sage opinions on the best ways to fix our country for us.
Here is the Problem:
Everyone out there has a plan for me, but none of them asked me what I wanted!

I am not a party Man, so who is looking out for me.

I am not a party man, and I have never been a party man!
Almost, but no brass ring for me! Several times, over my life, I came close to jumping onto a bandwagon of a political party. But, I always backed off at the last minute over one ideological roadblock or another.
So, I call my self a Middle of the Road voter.
Oh, I have strong opinions about many of the issues, but when I write down a table of the major issues of the day and check off which party agrees with me. I end up with a split list.
Each party agrees with me on certain points and disagrees with me on the others. By that I mean, when I compare the PARTY stance on the issues.
So, I often end up trying to decide which politician to vote for when I only agree with half of what each candidate says.
So, when I walk out of the voting booth, I have to ask myself, did I vote FOR Candidate-A, or did I vote AGAINST Candidate-B?

The Political Circus and the acceptability of actually lying to America

I think that is at the core of our problems in this country today.
The politicians keep forming into their little special interest groups with their canned opinions and now their advertisements that they intentionally base on lies about each other All purposely designed to be believed by you and I, the public.
But, don’t they understand? We already have too much scar tissue. Political Scar Tissue grown from their predecessors lies, to trust pretty much anyone wearing a suit today.
Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to see a politician, outside somewhere, actually doing something, with family and/or friends. I don’t mean a staged and glitzy hype session, but, you know, maybe sitting at a barbecue with sauce on his shirt, a beer in his hand,and possibly an occasional trickle of truth from his mouth?

An Honest Politician who feels he is there to do what the people want.

And maybe he could be wearing a pair of Cargo-type shorts and a faded T-Shirt, along with dirty tennis shoes or Flip-Flops. Not Armani Suit Pants, and a Silk dress shirt with the tie removed.
Then, have them raise their bottle of beer and say something like;
I can’t say that I can fix things, but I can say that I will try to do everything that I can to re-establish the Middle-Class as the dominant political group in our country.
We, what is left of the Middle-Class, have watched our savings get tanked by irrational in-fighting in Congress, and then after the damage is done, you look and guess what?
You didn’t read or hear the first apology from either party or their splinter groups, for what they did to us and our life savings.
Nope, they just sat back, in that special fat-cat mode that they are so good at, and they continue to blame each other, while promising to continue to pull us down even more, if they don’t get their way.
I don’t know, You really have to just sit back and laugh at this Sunday morning Circus on TV.
The clowns are brought out with their credentials on their sleeves by the Circus Masters, and they dance and posture as they are asked the same mundane and safe questions.

We only get the Political Circus because We are the Clowns

So, who do we blame for the passive and pointless answers that the Circus Masters get to their flatulent questions?
I don’t know, this dance goes on and on, without any real answers of any substance being put before the people to consider.
I really think that after spending my morning’s 4 hours of channel changing and listening to the supposed “experts” that I have not only wasted my time, but even the electricity burned by having the TV on has been a waste.
But, I keep watching and listening to them, just like I watch my savings melt like a popsicle on a hot summer day.
You see, I keep holding on to the thought that we are better than what I see and hear, and that there is hope for all of us in this great country of ours. I guess You and I are the real Clowns in their Circus?

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How scared should I BE? The Politicians are quiet!

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’

Sitting over my morning Coffee and Worried.

The news really has nothing of any national import to talk about other than beating on the weather and older stories.

The weather isn’t that shocking, and the older stories are just being stirred around, kind of like a kid would poke a stick at an interesting spider on the back porch.

SO, On my second cup, I realized something! Our national leaders (and I use the term loosely) are quiet.

I’m not hearing about any of them standing in front of a row of microphones, in their Armani suits and pontificating on some grand thought or plan of theirs.

Oh, understand, I have a long-standing distrust of our representatives, and when these fools are quiet, I can only make a couple of assumptions.

My top assumption is that they are cashing in their perks given to them by the special interest groups and vacationing, in style somewhere that the rest of us cannot dream of ever affording.

My next assumption is that these “snakes without morals” are sitting together and planning yet another attack on the rights and monies of the working class.

OK! Sure, they might be doing something productive, but experience over the past decade tells me that when something stinks, it is probably rotten!

Nuff Said!