TRUMP? What an Ass! But, right now he’s my favorite Ass!


Yeah, I watched the great CNN managed (prejudiced?) Republican debate on TV.

And, honestly? I loved it.

You might wonder why I, an avowed Independent voter my whole life, would spend several hours of his time watching such a circus.

By independent, I mean, although I have voted religiously, in every election, I have never voted FOR anyone, sad to say.

Rather, I have always been forced to vote AGAINST the worst of the two candidates available to me.

Well, I watched this circus because, I got to see the Republican candidates dancing on their “PAC-puppet” strings, almost in fear it seemed at times, over what a big-mouth rich man might say about, or to, them.

I love it that the news journalists on all of the major networks, are stirring in their own indignant juices over this Donald Trump and his frank and sometimes troubling opinions.

And I love that they keep asking; Why do so many people like him?

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Is Trump for Real? Folks, he’s a sign of whats wrong with our 2-party system.

Is Trump for Real?

I just read an article by yet another journalist who asked this question, wondering if this brash, outspoken rich man is a real candidate for our presidency?

Well, just the fact that so many newscasters are stymied by his presence on the political stage is a sign that even they are out of touch with what a large portion of the American Public really thinks and wants.

Why is Trump so popular, you might ask?

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