Congressional Idiots, Minority Factions harming the Majority

I just have to write this.

Over the past few years, our Congressional representatives have slipped into their jobs, like rats slipping onto a ship. And once there, they “peel off their false robes” that showed them as patrons of the people, and shown their true colors.

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Sunday Morning Politics – Who is looking Out for ME?

Sunday Morning Politics and my finances

Here I am again!
It’s a slow and balmy Sunday morning and i’m sitting here, on my PC, looking sadly at my personal finances.
At the same time, I have the TV on, mostly for the background noise and the occasional weather report.
As is the norm, the network channels are loaded with a virtual parade of politicians, all being being interviewed for their sage opinions on the best ways to fix our country for us.
Here is the Problem:
Everyone out there has a plan for me, but none of them asked me what I wanted!

I am not a party Man, so who is looking out for me.

I am not a party man, and I have never been a party man!
Almost, but no brass ring for me! Several times, over my life, I came close to jumping onto a bandwagon of a political party. But, I always backed off at the last minute over one ideological roadblock or another.
So, I call my self a Middle of the Road voter.
Oh, I have strong opinions about many of the issues, but when I write down a table of the major issues of the day and check off which party agrees with me. I end up with a split list.
Each party agrees with me on certain points and disagrees with me on the others. By that I mean, when I compare the PARTY stance on the issues.
So, I often end up trying to decide which politician to vote for when I only agree with half of what each candidate says.
So, when I walk out of the voting booth, I have to ask myself, did I vote FOR Candidate-A, or did I vote AGAINST Candidate-B?

The Political Circus and the acceptability of actually lying to America

I think that is at the core of our problems in this country today.
The politicians keep forming into their little special interest groups with their canned opinions and now their advertisements that they intentionally base on lies about each other All purposely designed to be believed by you and I, the public.
But, don’t they understand? We already have too much scar tissue. Political Scar Tissue grown from their predecessors lies, to trust pretty much anyone wearing a suit today.
Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to see a politician, outside somewhere, actually doing something, with family and/or friends. I don’t mean a staged and glitzy hype session, but, you know, maybe sitting at a barbecue with sauce on his shirt, a beer in his hand,and possibly an occasional trickle of truth from his mouth?

An Honest Politician who feels he is there to do what the people want.

And maybe he could be wearing a pair of Cargo-type shorts and a faded T-Shirt, along with dirty tennis shoes or Flip-Flops. Not Armani Suit Pants, and a Silk dress shirt with the tie removed.
Then, have them raise their bottle of beer and say something like;
I can’t say that I can fix things, but I can say that I will try to do everything that I can to re-establish the Middle-Class as the dominant political group in our country.
We, what is left of the Middle-Class, have watched our savings get tanked by irrational in-fighting in Congress, and then after the damage is done, you look and guess what?
You didn’t read or hear the first apology from either party or their splinter groups, for what they did to us and our life savings.
Nope, they just sat back, in that special fat-cat mode that they are so good at, and they continue to blame each other, while promising to continue to pull us down even more, if they don’t get their way.
I don’t know, You really have to just sit back and laugh at this Sunday morning Circus on TV.
The clowns are brought out with their credentials on their sleeves by the Circus Masters, and they dance and posture as they are asked the same mundane and safe questions.

We only get the Political Circus because We are the Clowns

So, who do we blame for the passive and pointless answers that the Circus Masters get to their flatulent questions?
I don’t know, this dance goes on and on, without any real answers of any substance being put before the people to consider.
I really think that after spending my morning’s 4 hours of channel changing and listening to the supposed “experts” that I have not only wasted my time, but even the electricity burned by having the TV on has been a waste.
But, I keep watching and listening to them, just like I watch my savings melt like a popsicle on a hot summer day.
You see, I keep holding on to the thought that we are better than what I see and hear, and that there is hope for all of us in this great country of ours. I guess You and I are the real Clowns in their Circus?

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How scared should I BE? The Politicians are quiet!

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’

Sitting over my morning Coffee and Worried.

The news really has nothing of any national import to talk about other than beating on the weather and older stories.

The weather isn’t that shocking, and the older stories are just being stirred around, kind of like a kid would poke a stick at an interesting spider on the back porch.

SO, On my second cup, I realized something! Our national leaders (and I use the term loosely) are quiet.

I’m not hearing about any of them standing in front of a row of microphones, in their Armani suits and pontificating on some grand thought or plan of theirs.

Oh, understand, I have a long-standing distrust of our representatives, and when these fools are quiet, I can only make a couple of assumptions.

My top assumption is that they are cashing in their perks given to them by the special interest groups and vacationing, in style somewhere that the rest of us cannot dream of ever affording.

My next assumption is that these “snakes without morals” are sitting together and planning yet another attack on the rights and monies of the working class.

OK! Sure, they might be doing something productive, but experience over the past decade tells me that when something stinks, it is probably rotten!

Nuff Said!