Happy New Year to my Parasitic SPAMMERS! May your Life be as Successful as your crappy product sales!

The Culprit

Yeah, I wrote this to my SPAMMERS. I figured I may as well tell them Happy New Year!

As you, the rest of my fellow writers, know, this is about the Stupid Spammers that I see every day when I check my site who just won’t go away.

You see, someone, somewhere sold these idiots or gave them, my site address.

And, they for some reason have added my site to their mailing list of thousands (or more) people like myself. Then, they joyfully send their Spam to their mailing list, often multiple times a day.

Now, I’m only talking about the truly STUPID Spammers right now.

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SPAM ers! I am not as Stupid as You think I am!

JUST THINKIN' #4 Political Conventions

OK, I am Pissed!

I personally am serious about my website, and Blogs.

I write form the Heart! At least I try to.

But you guys! Here is a hint for you …… Idiots!

I use WordPress and I use their Spam detector. So, ALL of your Crap, and I mean ALL of it, is trapped for me to review.

And, Just for your information, I save my SPAM list for when I need some entertainment.

For instance, If the TV channels are spewing their typical brain-numbing drivel, I will often just pout myself a glass of wine, sit down in my favorite chair and go through my SPAM list.

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