Things to Ponder today?

I am a Ponderer! OK, it may not be a real word, and even I know it's will never make it as a popular vocation. But, I'm a ponderer and I do ponder things. OFTEN! Here is what happened to my Ponder List for today; 1- Watch the political news?    Decision? No, too phony …


I love Sunsets

I love Sunsets. I always have and I always will. These random acts of Nature are one of those natural phenomenon we all see regularly, and far too often we just ignore them as we rush through our busy lives. Just in case you didn't know, the sterile definition of a Sunset is; that period …

Still Winds, Florida Hot!

  Morning ,,,,,,, Again! Coffee in hand and Golf on the TV screen. I prop my leg up on another chair to ease the pain of my new Blood Clot in the calf. Eventually, I hobble outside, sit on my Lanai and taking a sip the Coffee, I stare across the field.   The first …


Sunset on the Gulf