Blood Pressure versus Coffee

I have high Blood Pressure!

It’s just a fact of life for me I guess, considering I have been on Beta-Blockers for over three decades now.

My Reasoning;

Even if I were able to isolate myself from the growing number of idiots who dominate the news networks,

and even if the government lowered my taxes

and if we started making all of the freeloaders in our country get jobs and pay their own way,

I would still be one of those people with High Blood Pressure who loves to spout a good rant every now and then.

The Effects of the Pills;

So, after having my Butt chewed out by one of my Doctors back then; I got on board with them and I have dutifully taken my prescribed BP pills each day, over all of these years now,

And that’s OK, too. It seems my body wants to run at 80 miles per hour, but within a half an hour or so of taking these pills my body shifts down at least one gear and keeps me loping along at 55 miles per hour for the next 6-8 hours.

So I Cheat;

My Doctor rolls his eyes when i tell him this, but I cheat. In fact, I have cheated for all of those long years I have taken the Pills.

You see, every morning I drink Coffee. I mean I drink real coffee, not some chemically altered concoction that they call decaffeinated; and I Love It!

Sure, I know I’m not supposed to do things that will raise my blood pressure, but I’m addicted to my morning Coffee. And, I have found that if I take my required dosage of meds, and then drink my morning coffee, my brain can then absorb and react to what I see on the news, or the web, or in meetings with others and not just sit there with my chemically numbed brain lagging behind everyone else.

I know! I know! This  insane habit of mine is not a good one, but it works for me.

I take my meds to protect myself from the side effects of potential high blood pressure situations, and then once I am out and about, I have my morning Coffee. This combination of letting my meds kick in, but at the same time having a couple of Coffees seems to be working for me.

I do take my own BP readings every couple of days, and when I am visiting my Doctor, my BP readings  are always a little high but within the acceptable range for people my age. My Doctors  continually tell me that; “at your age, you need to be reasonable about how much Coffee you drink”, so I do try to manage my Coffee intake.

I’m down to only one pot of Coffee, each morning!

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved




All I Need is a Glass of Wine and a Breeze

Busy! Busy! Busy! We’re all so darned Busy!

Or so it seems some days. I’m not talking about a person’s job, nine-to-five or whatever hours they are dedicating to making a living and paying the bills we all end up with.

No, I’m talking about how some of us seem to fill any idle time we may have with things that end up keeping us Busy to the point that the only real rest we get is when we drop into our beds each night, exhausted.

You see, what a lot of people don’t realize is that even such, what we call “fun things” like; charity work, or crafts, or sports and exercise, or whatever we commit our free time to, can stress and exhaust our bodies and even our minds if we are not careful.

The old saying for everyone to “Stop and Smell the Roses” has been around for ages, but it’s telling us that we all need to take the time and relax our minds at one time or another.

I know that these special moments of relaxation are so necessary for me to keep my mind on a level plane.

And as I grow older, I make sure that I take these special moments more often and that I do something that cannot in any way be construed as work.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to pour myself a glass of Wine and go outside my home. There, I take a chair in the shade of a large tree and then I do two things;

I sip on my glass of Wine and I just gaze around my yard and watch the trees as the winds blow through and move the tree limbs and leaves around.

At times, it seems to me that these movements resemble what a dancer might be doing while alone on a stage.

A Gust of wind will bend a leaf covered limb and it will submit and bend in one direction, and when this Wind has passed, the limb returns to its original position, seemingly waiting for another random gust of Wind to force them to dance, one more time.

Eventually, what I have watched will have cleared my mind to the degree that I am truly enjoying these simple and natural things nature is giving me.

And I find that my Heart is full and my mind has been cleared of all of those leftover toxic things that seem to stay there for far too long.

And Yes, Sometimes, all I need is a Glass of Wind and a Breeze!

by DON BOBBITT, 2019, All Rights Reserved

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The OLD MAN in the Keys, a developing digital book

For want of a title, I thought this was an appropriate one. I am OLD! and I am presently living in my motorhome in a campground in the Florida Keys and I have opinions about this place and the people who visit here.

As I walk and drive around the Keys, I continue to wonder what draws people down here, in this heat and high humidity.

Add the high cost of visiting here, and unless you are a fisherman, the lack of things to do, and what you end up with, is a long string if small islands that exist on tourist dollars and still manage to look worn out and dilapidated.

Well, I have put together several chapters of my musings on just what I see that makes this place so interesting.

If you are in any way interested, I have placed my chapters onto my HubPages site, and you can start with chapter-1 by clicking on the link below.

The Old Man in the Keys

by Don Bobbitt, May, 2017

What I Got! – Today!

Wanna know what I got?

I got a rising Sun over the Atlantic shining in my Eyes.

I got Palm Trees waving in the morning breeze,

I got warm Sand under my feet and in my plastic shoes.

I got strangers, walking by, smiling and saying Hello to me.

I got families with small children giggling as they play at the edge of the Water.

I got waves coming in and wiping out sand castles built with such care, only an hour ago.

Or, should I just say;

I got Life, surrounding me with so many great things that I just have to Smile stupidly at everyone that I see.

by DON BOBBITT, April,4 2017

Copyright Don Bobbitt, April, 2017, All Rights Reserved.

Yes, I am an ASSHOLE! But, I’m not a perfect one.

I just have to write a little something about this.

If my article title offends anyone, I apologize ahead of time, before I go on.

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Stupidity doesn’t age well

As I grow older,

I have found that

Stupidity doesn’t age well.

It seems, the majority of the really stupid people

in my life

have now died off to an acceptable level.


by Don Bobbitt, December 4,2016


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, December, 2016, All Rights Reserved


Sometimes you just need a place to run to


I don’t know why!

I don’t even know what, brings this feeling on!

I just know that sometimes, not often,  but sometimes, I need a place to run to.

OK, just stop there, I don’t really mean to actually get up off of my Ass and break into a run.

But metaphorically, what I mean is that;

I ….. at times …… need to go, mentally at least, to a place where my mind is free to work on whatever “IT” is.

This “IT” that needs; deeper thought? ….. or fixing? ….. or whatever, sometimes just bubbles to the surface of my thoughts and demands my attention.

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Inspiration, over thought.


Fellow writer, Jeffrey Smith shared a poem of his not long ago (I over-thought my thoughts.) and it inspired me. As I absorbed the brevity and simplicity of the poem, I came up with a response, of sorts, and here it is.


I read a poem, it made me smile.

Derailed my mind, for a tiny while.

Great thoughts ran, their own short race,

Taking me to another place ……Inspiration!

by Don Bobbitt, April, 2015


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I was Just Thinking! How much Money would be saved, if …..


I do it sometimes you know. Think!

Like my friend in the picture above, chewing on his Cud, I was just thinking ………….. about the number one excuse cops have for pulling a person in a car over.

You know, the famous (wink, wink) Broken Tail light or burned out tail light? We know, and the cops know that we know, that this is just an excuse to get their heads (and noses) into our cars, so they can have an excuse for writing a ticket of some kind.

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If I ask a man for a Hand,

Then it’s because I need it!

If I give a man a hand,

Then it’s because I need it!

by Don Bobbitt, March 16, 2015



Copyright, Don Bobbitt, March, 2015, All Rights Reserved. You are free to enjoy and share this article with your friends and others, but if you wish to use it commercially, you must have the authors permission, in writing.


Just Three Words, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!



Three Words that are you.
Denial is futile, the truth is what it is.

Three Words define your life.

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DEAD END – A Double Entendre Photograph



We all use phrases and words in our daily conversations that have multiple definitions. Often, we use these words without even considering that those listening might mentally miss you point by assuming the other meaning.

And, sometimes, rarely, if you are Lucky, a person can take a picture of a scene that if observed carefully, presents itself to the world as a double entendre.

Look closely at this picture I grabbed one day driving on a back street in a small North Carolina town.