I stopped talking about Writing!

I did! Well, for the most part anyway!

It was a very painful thing for me, but I have finally done it!

I stopped talking about writing.

You see, it took me a while, but I began to notice that non-writers would go into a kind of bored trance whenever you mention anything about what you are writing.

It doesn’t matter what you start talking about, whether it’s; a new plot you are working on, or a cool character you are developing, or even a fantastic scene you have placed your characters in as part a story you’re hoping to publish.

They just don’t care, these non-writing masses we are surrounded by each day when we go out and mix with people. Once I had realized this, I decided that they were beneath me and I stopped talking to them about my writing.

And OMG, my fellow writers?

They are all so engrossed in their writings that it quickly became obvious they all believed their works are far more interesting than mine.

Such Arrogance!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2017


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, January, 2017, All Rights Reserved



Christmas Thoughts of a Family Elder

Here it is, Christmas Eve, and I just wanted to say something POSITIVE to my family, friends and even those of you who don’t know me.

First of all, I will now be calling myself a family elder. I like the title, it has a nice ring to it, so I have adopted it. You might ask; just how does one become a family elder in this fast-paced world we live in today?

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The News Media and a Jaded America.

Here’s my question. Jus How the Hell did we get to this place where we, the American Public, became so Jaded.

We trust no one! NO ONE!

Accept it, you’re just like me, we don’t believe anything that anyone says, especially the media, or as a result of the twisted news shows, even a Presidential Candidate.

The major media machines have spent so much of their resources  attempting to debunk every word from every candidate, as well as everyone who supports them that we, the people, scoff at everything we see on our TV or Smartphone.

Congratulations CNN, etal, you have done it. You have taken investigative journalism from true journalism, right through common sense commentary all the way over to the point of “giant Killer”. I’m not just picking on you CNN, I did say etal. Perhaps you should look it up.

Admit it, you really don’t care about the truth anymore, only the sensational ound-bite.

Come on, you prove it every day, YOU DON’T CARE!

You know, I remember the day when, in a newspaper or magazine, if a person’s words were quoted they were captured within two quote marks, and looked at by the world as being sacrosanct.

And, if parts of the quote were ever eliminated, there was this little string of dots “…..” that signified a part of the quote was left out.

Today, in our world of instant video presentations, I guess the media doesn’t know how to verbally insert those little dots.

They once meant so much to any educated reader. They said that this is only a piece of the original words, and we have shortened it here, for one reason or another.

Now though, a politician or a supporter can go to a small town for a meeting with voters, and talk for an hour or so.

But in this world of ours today, the media can set up a camera and record the whole conversation and then instantly scan it for a collection of words spoken that they can then present to America.

Typically, the presented words were taken totally out of context and reassembled to present to us, the public, simply “for affect”.

In other words, they do not reflect the actual meaning of that hour of back and forth talks with numerous questions and answers, but rather they are reassembled (or used for “sound bites”) that can then be used to “attack” the candidate.

Oh, and of course, this happens to both presidential candidates. Any slip of the tongue is fodder for a “news flash” across the TV screens of Americans.

In my opinion, it’s really a form of “truth rape” and we, the public have become so used to it, so jaded by it, that we just shrug our shoulders at pretty much anything the news media says to us anymore.

So, I watch as any honest but loose-lipped candidates sit with me, on the sidelines, watching this new form if entertainment. Should in the vein of the old game shows of the fifties and sixties, should I call it “Dare to tell the Truth” entertainment?

Jaded but still watching,

Don Bobbitt, 2016


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, September 3, 2016, All Rights Reserved

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I don’t care who you are, JESSE! Check the facts before you speak.


OK, everyone, I heard Jesse Jackson this mornings news.

I will not repeat his statements here, because I am adding a link to the site;FACT CHECKER. Mark Robinson addressed what Mr. Jackson so falsely stated about Florida and the “Stand Your Ground” law we have in place.

But, in summary, and before you go to the link, I was stunned when I heard a public figure be so divisive as to say that the Stand Your Ground Law should be repealed because “too many Blacks are being Killed since the law was implemented.


Besides the statement being false, as you will see in the link below, do American citizens, regardless of their color,really need to hear someone, anyone, try to justify the repeal of a law put in place by a majority of the citizens, because too many of the actual bad guys, again regardless of color, are being killed or injured by the people they attack?

I mean, OK, let’s take the subject of guns out of the equation.

Let me ask you, is it OK if I defend myself with a knife?

OK, OK, a knife can kill the bad guy, you say.

Then, can I usa a baseball bat?

Oh, a baseball bat might give the bad guy a concussion?

So, no baseball bat either?

So, let me take a look at my options here. According to you Jesse, if f a bad guy attacks me or my family, I assume that you want me to do what? Lie down and wait to be wounded, injured, or even killed, just to be politically correct?

Well, I’m SORRY! If you attack me, then law or no law, I am going to defend myself. And if that means taking you out defending myself, then so be it!

That’s how we Roll in Florida! And Jesse, That’s how normal, hard-working, God-fearing, Americans, regardless of Color, race or sex, Roll.

Jeez! I am so tired of seeing only the idiots and hate mongers being coddled by our media. Just print anything they say! It’s good news!

Anyway, Please read the link below and get the actual facts on the issue that Mr. Jackson so quickly distorted.


A look at Jesse Jacksons claims about Stand Your Ground.

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