The Beauty of Sunsets

Everyone loves watching a Sunset!

And it’s hard to find a person who will not stop in their tracks, even if only for a moment, to watch one that is exhibiting a beautiful and unique combination of colors and patterns.

So, I often think about just why Sunsets are so popular with people around the world and I come up with what I consider two great reasons.

First of all, there is the unmatchable and awesome beauty if a Sunset as it goes through the minute by minute changes of it’s dying phases, as it slowly drops below the horizon.

But, personally,  I think there is yet another reason for the popularity of watching Sunsets; and that is the fact that by the time of day the sun is setting over the horizon so many people are themselves just beginning to relax after their daily. And the act of watching such a fascinating event gives a strong sense of calm to the one’s watching.

And by the way, if you think about it, all beautiful sunsets are not just the ones giving off so many great mixtures of the color spectrum; but rather, because of different weather conditions, they can often just be a subtle change in shading and light, taking the viewer from the brightness of daily light to the darkness of another night of rest.

The reason I mention all of this is the fact that I am sharing a recent picture I took of a Sunset that is as beautiful as it is simple.

The picture I share with you here, is one I took at a restaurant called Marker-88 in the Florida Keys, not long ago.

It was right after the Sun had set and the ambient light was quickly fading over the Gulf of Mexico providing me with a great shot of simple colors and shadows.

by Don Bobbitt, October, 8, 2017

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To my fellow Veterans!

Memorial Day does strange things to my emotions.

I spend most of the day on an emotional roller-coaster. I feel sad one moment and just a minute later I am one proud SOB.

It’s the memories, you see!

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Political Rant – Pre-Existing Conditions not covered?

Every now and then I have to go into one of my Rants about the callous stupidity of our nations politicians.

This is one of those rants about these heartless and cruel politicians and their attempt at splitting people with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions away from the rest of the population, essentially condemning them to eventual poverty and becoming second class citizens, with health problems that will often lead to the depletion of any saving they have or worse, their deaths.

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You don’t know me, I’m one of those who voted for Trump

Yeah, here I am, one of those Average Americans that came out of the woodwork to vote for Trump. (Or, was it to vote against Clinton?).

Anyway, I was up late, watching this very important election and finally the results turned and started going in Trump’s direction, and I must say, the consternation and shock on the faces of the whole world of journalists was, honestly, entertaining.

I got to watch the final end of the thousands of repeated and twisted ads fired at Trump and his supporters.

Anyway, i wrote a pretty good article where I attempted to explain to these opinionated news-mongers, just who I am. I am, simply put, a veteran and a common man who worked his whole life without any superlatives that the liberal press would be interested in exploring.

Me? I am just an Average American, who was finally able to symbolically  “spit in the face” of those who have ignored the plight of us, the Average American over the past decade.

Click on the link below to read my article.

You don’t know me.

by Don Bobbitt, November, 2016


Showers and Vodka


Afternoon Heat,
Racing Clouds with Black Bellies,
Bursting across the fairways.
Rain Blowing, almost horizontal.

And Me?

Just sitting on the Lanai,
Vodka for me and
White Wine for my Lady.

Laughing at Mother Nature,
her sense of Humor,

and her Consideration

of our Comfort by cooling us down.

Thanks Old Girl!


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Making excuses for the Tea Party, Trying to condone the destruction of America

Roadside Sign

I was listening to the news yesterday and there was an endless line of Congressmen marching in front of the cameras.

The were either attacking and blaming each other for the ridiculous brinksmanship we Americans have been dragged through.

The amazing thing was that each one continued to feel that they were the ones that were right and that the “other guys” were to be blamed for the recent damage to our nation.  Continue reading

An Old Patriots Memories of Lost Friends

American Flag - pic by Roger Sayles via Flickr

American Flag – pic by Roger Sayles via Flickr

A remembrance of VietNam veterans. My lost Friends.

I wrote the attached article years ago, out of frustration and anger, more than any thing else.

I had just had an argument with a friend over Vietnam and it had turned into a conflict between someone with personal scars and someone who not only had no clue what the word VietNam, invokes in some of my generation, they just don’t care.

Anyway, writing the words down made me feel better at the time and I keep it stored on my sub-domain on HubPages.

It is not a popular article, and never has been to the general reading public.

But these men, in my article were friends and relatives of mine and they are always just below the surface of my consciousness, these wasted souls.

Click on the link below to read my article.

I Served and I Remember!

by Don Bobbitt

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A Veterans Lament – You only Love us when you Need us!

American Flag - pic by Roger Sayles via Flickr

American Flag – pic by Roger Sayles via Flickr

A Veterans Lament!

I know, the title is a little harsh.

But, sadly it a truth, and it is one that many people have a hard time accepting.

I served my country during the Vietnam War Era, and I promise, I will not go into how the media besmirched all of us veterans to the point that we were pariahs in our own homeland when we came home. That is another shameful piece of our history.

No, I just want to state a few things for you, the reader, to consider and at least tacitly accept as the truth.

If you look candidly at our country’s history, when this great country of ours needs to be defended, there have always been those that; selflessly put away their plowshares, stood up and took arms against our foes. It wasn’t done for glory, but as an expression of love for their country.

Many end up in harms way and are wounded, or even worse, killed while defending our country and its people. But these heros did not serve alone. In reality, for every serviceman or woman that pays such a price, there are five more that are never harmed.

You see, the soldier that stands on a line, under fire, risking his or her life, operates efficiently because of two things; the others at his shoulder, and the many support servicemen that make them successful at their jobs.

The list of these support personnel is varied and long and each and every one of their jobs are critical to the success of ANY military mission.

I happen to be one of those support servicemen. I gave my country several years of my life. I was never wounded, nor did I ever go into a war zone with its inherent perils you risk by just being there, but I did serve.

Now, I happened to have been on an Aircraft Carrier, doing my job, day in and day out, following the orders of my leaders. In reality, I was just a small part of what was needed to make my ship an awesome machine of destruction, feared by our enemies around the world. But, I was an integral part.

Eventually, when my term of service ended, I went back to the “real world” and re-started my life.

Of course, the first thing that I saw was the fact that I had to play catch-up with all of the ones who stayed home, for whatever reason.

In fact, I soon realized that my civilian peers now had things like; seniority in their jobs, had received generous raises and promotions while I was gone, and even been trained in skills I had to access to.

I, on the other hand, had to start at the bottom of the competitive corporate ladder to grow my own long delayed career.

But, that’s OK, I did my best in the corporate world, and eventually I retired. I had a plan to live comfortably and I though I would be OK.

What I didn’t realize, that now, years later, I would be walking around, with shrinking medical coverage for my ailments, mostly because I am also a Baby Boomer, whom Congress has decided doesn’t deserve the protections I actually paid for.

Being a veteran, I have my VA ID card, that all Vets carry, to show that I served my country, honorably, and I have rights to certain support systems, specifically certain medical benefits.

One other perk that we veterans enjoy is the fact that certain companies recognize the sacrifices of veterans and will give veterans a discount on their goods if you show your ID.  It isn’t much, usually 10% off, but it is often worth more to myself and other veterans as a form of recognition for our service, than the monetary savings.

Now, to my example of the vanishing Love for veterans.

There are two major home supply chains in the US and they are very competitive. I will call them; L and HD.

A few years ago, L began, without any fanfare, giving veterans a 10% discount on their goods, if you showed them your VA ID at checkout. At some point. HD, in order to be competitive, began doing the same.

But, last week, I was embarrassed. I went to a local HD store, and they refused to give me the usual veterans discount that I mentioned above. I asked why and they said that my card did not have “Service Related” on the front.

So, I paid the regular price and left, but I will probably not be frequenting the big HD any time soon. You see, that phrase “Service Related”  indicates that the veteran has a “Service Related Injury” of some kind.

My first reaction was that I must apologize to my country for not being injured while I served.

But, no, this is just another example of our public’s attitude about veterans. When you need us, you love us, and promise to take care of us.

While, in reality, your memories are short and your purse strings are more important to you than your word. And an old veteran, during peace time, injured or not, is just a costly nuisance, to be ignored and often, abused.

So, go ahead, HD, along with all of your other corporate and government peers, keep cutting those budgets, just like you have done with Social Security and Medicare that we actually paid into a self-sustaining fund.  (These same funds that were squandered by our leaders).

You know you are going to do it. Your taxes are already too high. Something has to go! Why not us, the Seniors and the Veterans. Go ahead and strip the support systems that you were so proud of when you needed us.

And, when you walk down a street and see one of us, cup in hand, throw a quarter in the cup. It will make you feel a lot better about yourself. I’m Sure.

Orange Wave

by Don Bobbitt, May 2013

Copyright DON BOBBITT, 2013, All Rights Reserved

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Horseshoe Crab Shell , A walk on a Beach in the Flats.

I am one of those Lucky people, living in the Tampa area, who has a friend that owns a Boat. And we are often invited to just go out onto the Tampa Bay and enjoy the water and the many small islands (keys) and beaches, with them.

There were five of us on the boat the other day and we were just tooling around in the area that everyone calls the “flats”. It’s called the Flats because the water in the area is very shallow , often just 1-3 feet deep. And, if you do go there be aware that the area requires some careful navigation to avoid grounding your boat or Prop. But the extra caution is worth it.

Besides the great fishing in the Flats, there are beautiful white sandy beaches that you can pull up to and Picnic, or just take a walk on the beach and enjoy the cooling Bay breezes and near perfect weather.

My Buddy eventually did just that and pulled his boat onto a beautiful clean beach on an island. He jumped into the knee-deep and clear waters to do a little cleaning on the rear of his boat, and the ladies pulled out our light picnic lunches, singing along with some old Parrot Head music on the radio.

Me? I took the opportunity to stroll down the beach with my camera. I snapped a few good shots along the way, including this lonely, empty shell of a Horseshoe Crab.

Eventually, I turned, retracing my steps and when I got back to the boat, we sat and talked, mostly about nothing, as we devoured our lunch.

Then, a push-off from the beach, and a smooth ride home.  I can’t wait until we get another invitation to explore Tamps Bay.


Orange Wave

by DON BOBBITT May, 2013

Copyright  DON BOBBITT 2013,  All Rights Reserved

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DEAD END – A Double Entendre Photograph



We all use phrases and words in our daily conversations that have multiple definitions. Often, we use these words without even considering that those listening might mentally miss you point by assuming the other meaning.

And, sometimes, rarely, if you are Lucky, a person can take a picture of a scene that if observed carefully, presents itself to the world as a double entendre.

Look closely at this picture I grabbed one day driving on a back street in a small North Carolina town.




Average Sit-Down Meal Calories


One of our national News networks, just stated a little new flash for those of us wondering why we have such a time controlling our weight.

The Average meal in a sit down restaurant chain in America contains 1128 Calories according to a recent study.  This is 56% of the RDA for an Adult.”

So, if you are smart, you don’t just plan to go out and eat a meal, you plan your whole days meals!


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How scared should I BE? The Politicians are quiet!

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’

Sitting over my morning Coffee and Worried.

The news really has nothing of any national import to talk about other than beating on the weather and older stories.

The weather isn’t that shocking, and the older stories are just being stirred around, kind of like a kid would poke a stick at an interesting spider on the back porch.

SO, On my second cup, I realized something! Our national leaders (and I use the term loosely) are quiet.

I’m not hearing about any of them standing in front of a row of microphones, in their Armani suits and pontificating on some grand thought or plan of theirs.

Oh, understand, I have a long-standing distrust of our representatives, and when these fools are quiet, I can only make a couple of assumptions.

My top assumption is that they are cashing in their perks given to them by the special interest groups and vacationing, in style somewhere that the rest of us cannot dream of ever affording.

My next assumption is that these “snakes without morals” are sitting together and planning yet another attack on the rights and monies of the working class.

OK! Sure, they might be doing something productive, but experience over the past decade tells me that when something stinks, it is probably rotten!

Nuff Said!



Just Thinkin’ – Internet Sales Tax


I was Just Thinkin’

I was Just Thinkin’ about an Internet Sales Tax

OK, Here I go on one of my stupid Rants.

I am a Techno-Geek, an Old One, I admit, but still, as Popeye says, “I Am What I Am“.

So, from my perspective, I have watched this Internet world of ours blossom into what it is today.

Hold on, for a minute. Yes, it is confusing, filled with great and awful things, sources and people. But, in my opinion, the good far exceeds the bad, so I keep on using it.

Why do I by on the Internet? For the convenience and specifically for the PRICE! That’s right, I want the best Price on the best Product. Part of that price is the presence of a Sales Tax.

With that said, I just want to express my frustration about this Internet Sales Tax issue that is now in our Florida legislature.

Here are my questions and thoughts:

  1. If they start forcing an automatic Internet Sales Tax on Floridians, how much will they actually gain for the state coffers.
  2. Yes – They will get more money, of course, from companies in other states that are forced to collect.
  3. Yes – Individual Floridians will now have to pay the same extra tax cost whether they shop with Florida companies or not.
  4. Yes, This means that the individual Floridian online shopper will lose a decent discount of 6% on whatever they purchase, regardless of the location of the company.  
  5. And, Yes, we all know, and wink at the fact that most individuals do not make or claim these sales taxes.

In conclusion, what I see coming in our complex global economic system is the fact that, by leveling the sales tax field, Florida companies will, in all probability, no longer have this slight pricing advantage for many individual shoppers.

Look at it logically. If I can get the same product, from multiple companies, and they are priced the same, do I really care where it comes from?

Especially considering that the only other variable to consider is Shipping, and so many companies now offer this for free.

Anyway, I was Just Thinkin’