Is this a way for us in America to help ourselves.

Would it Work? Well what we have now is so screwed up, this isn't that stupid!


The Disconnection between Medical Costs and Medicare Coverage

  Actual Medical Costs for Seniors continue to rise as Congress continues to rewrite what is covered by Medicare. This is leading to a migration of many Doctors and other Medical Service Providers away from accepting new patients who are on Medicare. In addition, the professions treating many medical problems are increasing their billing charges …

The Republican Convention in Tampa and our Tax Dollars used

The Republican National Convention is to be held in Tampa Florida, shortly, and the article that I read in the local paper included these interesting numbers for us all to consider. 1- The Federal Government (that means us!) is paying $50-MILLION dollars for Convention Security.  Now that's a lot of money, but even worse, you …


We should take care of OUR OWN, FIRST!

I think people our age need to start literally preaching to our fellow public. First: You are right, I think where 20 years ago we were in a GRAY area somewhere between True Democracy, and some popular Socialistic trends and laws being implemented. I am afraid that, as you imply, we have run, not walked, …


Tea Party members of Congress and Repubs taking oaths?

Tea Party members of Congress and Repubs taking oaths? Click the link above to rad my article on this ridiculous state of affairs when OUR Elected Officials in Congress decide to forego our reasons for electing them and decide to form into their own Gestapo! Don Bobbitt


US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!

US! The Boomers! Do as we Say!