Sometimes you just need to press SHUFFLE!

I walked outside my RV earlier and stretched out in my chair. I set my iPhone on the plastic table beside me and set it to run one of my playlists, specifically the one I call MY MUSIC -1. I only have one MY MUSIC playlist so the list number itself is kind of dumb. …


Thing you think about in the KEYS on the last day of MAY

I'm just doing a little "free-association" writing here. Here are some of the things you think about when you are living in the Florida Keys when you realize it's the last day of May and Summer is really here; This the first day of the Hurricane Season, so for some reason, whenever the news people …

I stopped talking about Writing!

I did! Well, for the most part anyway! It was a very painful thing for me, but I have finally done it! I stopped talking about writing. You see, it took me a while, but I began to notice that non-writers would go into a kind of bored trance whenever you mention anything about what …


Blog Maintenance – I know it hurts but Bury those Dead Posts.

I know, your Blog count is really high and you actually smile a little when you see that counter go up every time you release a new Post. But, you can be your own enemy when it comes to people following you. Over time we write articles that are pertinent to those times and you …


Blog maintenance is Not Easy! But it is Necessary!

  This post is essentially an apology to those readers who occasionally stop by and read my poetry, favorite music, and often, ravings. I built this site to be a centralized point that would provide access to my other Blogs and writing sites. I realized over a year ago that I had gone slightly insane …


SPAM ers! I am not as Stupid as You think I am!

I am not so Stupid, SPAMMERS


Sometimes I Write just to Clear My Head

OK, I write a lot.   In fact, sometimes, I write too darn much, at least according to my wife. But, I's sorry, it's what I do!  Being a normal person in other ways, this writing thing is not quite an obsession for me, but I guess that it does come close, at times. If …