Car Color Preferences of Birds, or Is your car a Poop Target”


Sometimes, I just have to share something that strikes me as being insanely useless information.

By insane, I mean when I see that someone has taken the time to seriously research a thing, spending time and resources just to get to a resolution, I have to wonder what was in their mind.

I was reading an article on HubPage that I will provide a link to below, where a group in the UK decided to do a study on, what were the favorite colors of cars for birds to POOP on?

OK, Me? well, my mind does go in some strange directions sometimes, and I do think about some strange things that I witness in the world. But …… Bird Poop Toilets (aka cars)? This one never entered my mind.

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The Confederate Flag, Really? Is this “all You Got”?

I don’t know, maybe its just me, sitting here over my morning coffee and flipping through the top 5 network news channels over the past several days.

So, OK, I am White, and I do live in the South. If I had to label myself (And I hate labels.), I am a pretty middle-of-the-road conservative person.

And, what happened in that Charleston church was an atrocious act, performed by a very sick person.

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Passing on the Left! A common courtesy that too many riders ignore.


Lately, my wife and I have been walking a number of Nature trails and other public trails to get our exercise.

We try to get in at least 5-miles a day and the great places for us to walk are the Nature or “Natural” trails that many cities are now providing for their citizen and visitors.

These trails are usually wide enough for walkers, joggers, and bike riders to all enjoy at the same time.

But, we are finding that too many of the bike riders are not aware of the common courtesies they should follow when they are sharing the trails with others.

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I was Just Thinking! How much Money would be saved, if …..

IWas Just Thinkin' - IRS Agents, FBI Agents

I do it sometimes you know. Think!

Like my friend in the picture above, chewing on his Cud, I was just thinking ………….. about the number one excuse cops have for pulling a person in a car over.

You know, the famous (wink, wink) Broken Tail light or burned out tail light? We know, and the cops know that we know, that this is just an excuse to get their heads (and noses) into our cars, so they can have an excuse for writing a ticket of some kind.

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Remember a Dreamsicle? Before there was a thing called chemicals?


I had a Dreamsicle the other day.

And it was good.

You know what a Dreamsicle is, of course, but what I’m talking about is the Dreamsicle of my youth.

I would walk up to Deb’s Place on a hot summer afternoon and lay my dime on the counter, that I could barely see over , by the way.

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How a Retiree Vacations

Palm Trees and Sunsets
Palm Trees and Sunsets

People normally don’t get to take a vacation when they are already retired in many peoples view. Most people think that; Hey, they’re retired, how can they take a vacation from a perpetual vacation?

Well, we retirees do get to go on vacation trips but our real vacations are when we get visitors.

Read my article on my Retiree Blog on how someone who is retired often gets a vacation.

How a Retiree Vacations

by Don Bobbitt, 2015