OK, Let’s talk Beer Glasses!


This damnable weather will soon end, and we puny warm weather humans will be able to get back to our favorite habits in life. One of my fun things to do is finding a nice Tiki Bar and  enjoying a cold beer, occasionally.

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Traffic Control Situation, A Florida Thing!


My wife and I were out on one of our (sometimes daily) walks, around our community and there he (it?) was, a turtle in the middle of the street.

He was a 15-16-inch-long example of one of our lake turtles that we see all over Florida. Its back was scarred and had a coating of what looked like a grayish moss 0r mold growing on it. Its head was extended and its legs were doing everything they could to get across that expanse of asphalt.

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Me and Puxsutawney Phil

Its the first of February and the most famous groundhog in the world has made his annual appearance.

With much fanfare, he was jerked from his comfortable den ,which I guess you can call public housing. I mean, he doesn’t have a job, he has no assets of his own and he is fed and taken care of by the local government.

I don’t know a better example of the new American occupation, professional indigent.

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Yeah, There’s a Storm Coming. How do you Like us now?

Read my latest rant where I try to speak to the journalists and political manipulators who are trying to fix yet another national election.

They keep wondering why Trump is still there when they wake up each morning. Well, Listen and learn.

Click on the link below to read my rant against the (two-party) establishment.

How do you like us now!

by Don Bobbitt, January, 2016

Scoville Ratings for Hot Peppers


I was in a conversation a few days ago and someone asked me which pepper was hotter than another.

There is a definitive comparison chart available called the Scoville Rating which lists hot peppers from around the world in comparative BTU strengths.

I remembered that I had written a post a while back about this and I grabbed my smartphone and after a few clicks there was my Post.

For those of you that might wonder about this little tidbit of useless information, click on the link below to see my other post.

Scoville Ratings for Hot Peppers

by Don Bobbitt, 2016

I live in Florida, so where did the Sun go?


I have to say it!

I live in Florida, dammit!  And when I’m not bathed in sunshine every day, I start to worry.

It’s why we all live here, on this long finger of land, really. Oh, you can come up with any of a long list of the advantages of living in Florida, but in reality, we’re here for the Sunshine.

We worked for decades, in cold weather, in office buildings, in factories, always IN somewhere, saving our money for the chance to get the Heck away from the crappy weather further North.

OK, OK, there are a certain number of you that act like you enjoy sliding, out of control, down a snow and ice covered mountainside.

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I was just Thinking, how about a new TV show rating, BS-1.


Well, here I go again.

If you are someone who lives in the modern world, you are aware of the latest catastrophic killing spree by someone.

It doesn’t matter if they are from this country or from another, really.

I mean, everyone has to come from somewhere, right?

The perpetrator’s religion or political affiliation is just a sidebar to the fact that when someone does such atrocious things to another human being, it is beyond comprehension to a “normal” person.

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SNAFU! The state of the affairs of the world.

After finishing my half-a-pot of morning coffee, and watching three different networks spout their morning drivel, I can summarize the state of the world as;


This is an old phrase, that I first heard when I was in the NAVY.

It was and I assume is still used by people in the military to describe how things were going in their unit or just the military in general.

You see, when you go into the military, you soon learn that a lot of the decisions someone made and passed down to you for implementation, just don’t make much sense.

Of course, later, working in the corporate world, it turned out to be the same.

Stupid decisions being made by the unknowing that affected those that worked for them.

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Syrian Refugees, Yes or No? That’s a tough one.


I see that a battle is brewing over whether we Americans should take in Syrian refugees.

That’s a tough on for anyone to answer.

I have no control over the final decision. I understand that. I’m just another abused and ignored citizen.

You see it’s a Federal decision, and it seems the idiots we have elected to Federal office could care less about what a single citizen has to say on this or pretty much any subject.

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Muslims of the World! Heal Thyself! While you can!


OK, don’t read this if you are looking for some kind of theological fist-fight.

I’m just another person living his life the best he can, on this planet of ours.

I am no expert on the Muslim religion or its sects, nor do I want to be.

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Why do so many people want to meet in Pubs?


I remember reading this quote many years ago, and to me it’s a timeless statement of a very true perspective on how we live and enjoy life. Anyway, two guys are in a bar enjoying a Cold beer and one asked the other;

Why do you like to meet your friends in a Pub?

Smiling broadly, the other man turned to his friend and said;

Because no good story ever started over a glass of Water!


By Don Bobbitt, October 2015,

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, October, 2015, All Rights Reserved.  If yo wish to use this article for your own enjoyment and share it with friends, you are free to do so, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have the Authors written permission.


Classic, Classy and timeless INSULTS.


Today, so many people resort to profanities to insult someone that really sharp insults using clean language is becoming a rarity..

Below is a list of very good and classic insults by famous people of our past, that obviously skewered their subject with clean but sharply combined words.\.

They knew how to put someone in their place with the turn of a phrase.

I received this list in an old email from a friend, so I am putting them here for your amusement.

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Being Stupid is not an easy lifestyle, but so many people live that way.


That’s right. This article is about all of the stupid people in the world.

Someone has to warn the “not-so-stupid” population about all of the ones around us who literally have no clue about the realities of life and those once popular and important practices known as;


Let me warn you, ahead of time, this is a Rant.

So, I can say whatever I want on the subject mentioned.


Enjoy my rant, or just turn the page if you are offended, in some way.

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Chicken Poop is still just Chicken Poop! No matter how you dress it up!


I remember, decades ago, when they carted this old guy out on national news for his unique hobby.

He was obviously a simple farmer who was very uncomfortable with all of the attention he was getting.

What this man had done was simple and elegant.

He had a problem; He had worn his body out working on his farm his whole life and now he needed more money so he and his wife could have a better lifestyle.

He looked around, and all he had as resources was his farm itself and whatever was on this piece of land.

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And for my next Trick …….. just Bring it ON!


Morning Sun,

shining in my right eye.

Tears running down my cheek as I try

to start my PC, half-blind.

I need my Coffee, so I take a sip.

I miss my mouth!

So Hot Coffee’s running down my favorite T-shirt.

Jumping up, I drop my PC onto the rug.

All of this happens in a flash of time.

I’m no Dummy!

I decide to just stand here,

stained shirt, burning skin, tears in my eyes,

and wait on life’s comedian, Fate!

Surely, there’s something else the evil bastard can throw at me,

before I get on with my day?

Bring it ON!


by Don Bobbitt, October, 2015


Copyright Don Bobbitt, October, 2015, All Rights Reserved.

You are free to enjoy and share this with others, but if you wish to use it commercially, then you must have written permission.