Still Winds, Florida Hot


Morning ,,,,,,, Again!

Coffee in hand and Golf on the screen.

I prop my leg up on another chair to ease the pain

of my new Blood Clot in the calf. Continue reading

TV News when nothing is happening. It Smells!


Horse Manure

Horse Manure


That’s what I’m talking about! Horse Manure!

I started out OK! I got up, the wife had Coffee made and I washed down my 10 morning pills that the Doctors say I must take.

After scanning the TV channels, I realized that I was just hearing more details on more subjects that were, well, …… Horse Manure. Continue reading

Some Mornings! Mankind and Inherent Stupidity-1

tn_RMG_18 - Copy

Some Mornings,
When i have crawled out of bed,
and turned ON,
the Almighty Coffee Pot,
I will just sit and Wonder!

As I am now! Continue reading


Les Paul playing Sleepwalk

Just Shut Up and Listen!

Les Paul and Sleepwalk.


shared by Don bobbitt

Who Crashed my PC – Part-4 – Selecting my Future PC

Selecting my Future PC


Click on the link below to read my article about my decision process when my PC crashed and I had to decide on what was the ideal PC for me to use now that my old one was dead.

It might b interesting to those of you that might run into the same problem in the near future.

Who Crashed my PC, Part-4 – Selecting my Future PC.

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2014

Who Crashed my PC – Part-3 Recovering my Data

My ASUS Notebook PC

My ASUS Notebook PC

Who Crashed my PC, Part-4 Recovering my Data

Click below to read my latest Blog Post on how I recovered from having my PC crash and my decision process in selecting how to get my data ba


Who Crashed my PC – Part-3 Recovering my Data

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014

Vietnam, Memories and Tears



I’ve done it again!

Another damned tear has leaked from my eye.

It happens whenever

the rest of the world makes me remember!

I served, but I never was

In Country!

So even George Bush said

my service was second rate.

Oh, I know, it was a necessary way

for our country to save money,

You know cut the benefits they promised by

having politicians add a ling list of reasons to exclude us.

But What the Hell!

They can keep their damned pills

and bandages, and whatever else I might need in the future.

I served too and they got years of my life.

I guess I’m lucky someone didn’t take that!

So Screw George Bush and all of his

Ass-Kissing political partners,

and their soul can go to their own

special Hell when they die!

My problem is the memories.

of my old buddies I grew up with.

and my cousins and uncles.

all of whom served.

You don’t know them, yourself.

They died over there, in a lonely ditch

or on a booby-trapped road

or crouched in a ditch.

All of them didn’t die over there

some came back with pieces

of their young bodies still ground

into the mud of the jungle where they fell.

And, they came back and they looked OK at first glance.

That is, until you looked closely into their eyes

over a beer one night

and saw the fear and insanity being held back

by flimsy bars of a willpower overly tested.

Bars that were bound to break sooner or later.

Some just drank too much,

MY best buddy just drove his bike into an embankment

on a lonely road one summers night.

My cousin, untrained,

was give the job of bagging body parts

for over two years.

He just didn’t sleep anymore without drugs.

The list is long, and they are long gone

even most of the ones who came back.

I understand.

But that damned tear keeps slipping

from my eye.

every time you make me remember.

Who do I curse for that?

Don Bobbitt


Who Crashed my PC – Part-2

My ASUS Notebook PC

My ASUS Notebook PC

Who Crashed my PC – Part-2 What do I use my PC for, anyway?

I realized that this was the real question for me if I ended up needing to purchase a new PC.  I knew that how I recovered my data was an integral part of the resolution to my larger problem. My real problem was what did I need for the future, not what worked OK in the past

So, I sat back and spent some time reviewing just what I used my PC for, now that I was more involved as a writer, a traveler, and a retiree. Did I keep on down the same road, or did I need to reset my computer use goals?

My decision process is shown in my Blog listed below. Click on it and read about what a retired writer/traveler was doing with his PC.


Who Crashed my PC – Part-2

by Don Bobbitt, 2014

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, 2014


Who Crashed my PC? – Part-1 This Time?

My ASUS Notebook PC

My ASUS Notebook PC

OK, It happened to me again. My PC crashed on me two weeks ago.

This insanity has to end for me and for the rest of you as honest users of the web.

I am tired of this happening to me every few months and having to go through the tedious process of running anti-virus software, Malware software and other such packages in order to just be a user of the web.

I have decided to write several short blog posts that explain what happened to my PC as well as how and why it happened.

I will also describe just what I have done to make this les likely to happen to me again.

Check out the link to my post below:

Who Crashed my PC – Part-1


by Don Bobbitt, 2014


God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy!

Sometimes, as other people race through their lives, they pass me, sitting on my bench.

I just sit and watch their frantic antics and it doesn;t take long before I start singing this song.


by Don Bobbitt, 2014

STARBUCKs – Blended Frappuccino’s Cream Guide

Starbucks Coffee Cup - to go

Starbucks Coffee Cup – to go

Here is a great link to a HUBPAGE article on Frappuccino’s and the Blended Cremes that are available for use as you customize your drink.

It is quite informative and you should read it so you can be better prepared while in line to get the perfect flavors in your morning coffee.

Click here:

Starbucks Creme Guide

provided by Don Bobbitt, 2014



To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Data Storage Hard Drive

Data Storage Hard Drive

Click on the link below and read my article that explains just what a Cloud Service is and what your best options are.

Understand that a Cloud Service is just a remote Data Storage facility that allow you access via WIFI and the internet.

Check it Out.

TO Cloud or Not to Cloud

by Don Bobbitt, 2014



Old Joke – WINE vs. Water

I was Just Thinkin'

I was Just Thinkin’

A glass of wine 
To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine.

And to those who don’t but are always seen with a bottle of water in their hand.

As Ben Franklin said: 
In wine there is wisdom,
In beer there is freedom,
In water there is bacteria.

In a number of carefully controlled trials,
Scientists have demonstrated that if we drink
1 litre of water each day,
At the end of the year we would have absorbed
More than 1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) – bacteria
Found in faeces.

In other words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop.

We do NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer
(or tequila, rum, whiskey or other liquor)
Because alcohol has to go through a purification process
Of boiling, filtering and/or fermenting.

Water = Poop,
Wine = Health
Therefore, it’s better to drink wine and talk stupid,
Than to drink water and be full of $hit

There is no need to thank me for this valuable information:
I’m doing it as a public service

BAD MOOD DAY! and the NSA!

I’m having a Bad Mood Day, and yet another news fool just wrote about the NSA and how great they are.


Here is how I feel!Constitution

They know too much about How Much I Know!


I Know too much about How Much They Know!

What I know shouldn’t scare anyone!

But, What they Know Should Scare the HELL out of Everyone!


by DON BOBBITT, 2014


Eat Cheap – Tips for the person who needs food but is short on money

tn_Potatoes fresh 1


Bulk Buying, Out of Date Foods, Canned Foods, Root Vegetables, Dumpster Diving and Hobo Soup.

Know how to save a lot of money on food by being a Smart and Savvy buyer.

Click below to read my article on HubPages

Eat Cheap

by Don Bobbitt, 2014