A Summer of Camping, Links to our ADVENTURE, Days 1 thru 37

Our adventures as campers this Summer are available online.  My wife and I have been doing this for many, many years and we would like to share our experiences and knowledge with our fellow campers.

These are our personal experiences, of course, but we have also included a lot of TIPS for CAMPERS, as well as some useful information about the areas we visit and things we find to do. We provide these Tips to help you when you go camping.

As we travel, and camp, I am recording our travel days and what happens each day in posts on my blog RV and Camping. You can just click on this link and go directly to all of the articles about our camping adventure, or you can just scroll down this page and click on a link to a specific days story.

To make it easy to go to each of these specific blog posts, feel free to click on the appropriate days link and a page will open with the post on that specific day of our travels, what we do, and what we see.

I hope you like this approach and enjoy our travel dialogue.



Camping Adventures, Days 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Days 30, 31

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Days 28. 29

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Day 27

This was a day of exercise and eventually some experimenting with our satellite TV reception. The rest of the day was taken up with some exercise in the Pool eventually a fantastic Dinner before relaxing in our campsite.

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Day 26

Unhooking from our Lynchburg Campsite, dumping tanks and driving to our next campground, in Williamsburg, VA. Once at the Campground, the site selection was not good, and we had to take one that was very narrow and without good satellite service. But camping is about making concessions, and we made the best of what we had.

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Day 25

Preparing ourselves and our RV to leave Lynchburg the next day, and travel to our next camping site near Williamsburg. Making our camper safe for the trip.

Bamboo_01Camping Adventures, Days 23, 24

Alternating between; Just Chillin’ at our campsite, visiting friends, and doing a little research on the area we will be traveling to next. We watched the campground’s growing flock of Geese and we had a great dinner with my brother and his wife; homegrown tomatoes and mayonnaise on white bread. Yum!


Camping Adventures, Days 21, 22

Jalapeno Pollers, a gathering of family and friends, a visit to the Appomattox Surrender Grounds, and much running around town, trying to get in those little things on our bucket list for our Lynchburg stay.


Camping Adventures, Days 17, 18, 19, 20

Days of Rain and the occasional storm, interspersed with July Fourth Fireworks, cookouts at our campsite, visits from family, and a trip to the City Market for fresh vegetables.


Camping Adventures, Days 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Rainy season here, or so it seems with the constant showers. I took my camera downtown and got a number of pictures of some of the remaining old architecture on Main Street Lynchburg that I used on a Hubpage article. Worth checking out, I think. I get some writing done during the rains and we both read some books when the weather was at its worst. And, I spent some time concentrating on cleaning up my Satellite TV connections in our RV.


Camping Adventures, Days 9, 10, 11


Camping Adventures, Days 6, 7, 8


Camping Adventures, Days 3, 4, 5






A Summer of Camping Days-6-7-8

Days 6, 7, and 8 were interesting and there were two things of interest that happened;

1- there was a really nice day of visiting some Micro-Breweries near Lynchburg.

2- there was the surprise of a spell of really bad weather for us to sit through in our RV.

Click below to read the details of those days.

Summer Camping Days6-7-8


by Don Bobbitt, June 2016



We had a longer drive today than we normally do, and as we left Wildwood Florida on our next leg to the TT Campground near Yemassee, South Carolina. Right at 300 miles of crappy roads and small towns, today.

As to the TT CG, honestly, I’ve used this campground for many years, mostly because it’s almost exactly half the way between my home in Florida and my hometown of lynchburg, Virginia. And, it’s right off of I-95 at exit 33.

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Day-1 has not been something so eventful that you would normally want to write a book about.

And, that’s intentional for us.

Our RV had been in semi-storage for several months and even though we have gone through our checkout procedure, quite diligently, in fact, we decided to only run for a couple of hours our first day.

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OK, as you all know, i am an avid Camper and I have been sitting around for several months now and I have to admit a certain amount of cabin fever has set in.

Sure, we live in Florida, and in such a Tropical Paradise, you might just ask why we are leaving for several months somewhere else.

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Again, Muslims, Heal Thyself!

After the latest senseless killings in our country by a self-avowed follower of ISIS, I spent a few hours over my Coffee, earnestly trying to think of how this kind of “Islamist Radicalism”  can be eliminated or at least reduced.

Oh, I know, there are a lot of people around the world, much smarter than myself, who are also spending sleepless nights on this same problem. But, the personal concern doesn’t go away just because this is a recognized problem for the world.

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Twenty Years ago Today, and I Woke up again!

Twenty Years ago today, my brother gave up a Kidney to save my life.

That’s right, twenty years. His gift has kept me alive and functioning for this extra time so that I could; keep watching new Sunrises, travel around the world and see new sights, and live these extra days with my wife and family.

You see, twenty-three years ago, I was been lying in a hospital bed and was told I had an almost incurable disease and the probability was that I only had days to live.

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Presidential Primary Process, entertainment for the masses?

I don’t know if this is going to be one of my rants or not, so here goes.

You all know that we are a number of months into the craziest and strangest presidential primary process ever seen in the history of American Politics.

If you don’t know what’s going on right now then you truly qualify as being “OFF THE GRID”.In fact you have to be so far off the Grid that I wonder why I’m thinking about you at all. You obviously do not receive any communications, at all from the rest of the country.

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I’ve worn my Political Correctness out, and I’m just damned tired of posturing pundits.

First of all let me admit that I am from the South! I mention this because, it seems to be something that twists the thought patterns of non-southerners,

You see, once I put on my “Redneck” badge, and stand up to speak, the rest of the world, and especially those raised North of the Mason-Dixon line begin making assumptions about myself and my fellow southerners.

Family mores, religious studies, university lessons and more importantly, the lessons one learns in the varied life of a traveler seem to be thrown out the door as soon as my first; Ya’ll or Aint escapes my mouth.

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I WAS JUST THINKIN’ – Why can’t my Taxes be used at Home to Help Americans first?


I originally wrote this in April, 2013. Looks like I’m seeing my predictions blooming right before my eyes!


It doesn’t take much for me to strike verbally at our existing government flunkies. That has to be obvious from so many things; but particularly from my attitude and disappointment with our leadership in Washington.

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SEAGULLS – Rats of the Sea! – Observations from a Tiki BAR


If you live on or near enough to the oceans of the world, it doesn’t take long to develop a loathing for Seagulls as a species.

If you regularly; lie or walk on the beaches of the world, or just sit at a TIKI Bar attempting to relax and have a good time with friends, you will soon see why so many of us just don’t like these pests.

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