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Thoughts, Stories, Poetry and RANTS of a Southern Senior!

Don Who?

This site contains many of the thoughts and Ideas that pass through the mind of DON BOBBITT. Some are just expressions of his opinions, some will be personal RANTS of a Senior American; and some are his short stories; but regardless, everything comes straight from his Head and Heart.

Readers may have a variety of opinions about DON, and they are welcome to express them here in the COMMENT section of this BLOG.

The reality is that when you open one of my articles you may be insulted by one article and then you may b entertained by the next. So, you take your chances when you read my writing found here.

I only ask you one small thing; If you are going to criticize what you hav read, please, please, be constructive, and not throw boring accusations at me. I’m too darn old to listen to such tripe, or boring opinions that are not based on real facts.

About DON and his Writings

Just an Old Storyteller!

OK! It’s obvious from the photo that I, DON BOBBITT am a Senior citizen. So most likely, any opinions or thoughts you see here will have been influenced to some degree, by my past personal lifestyle and actions.

In fact, I admit that I am an opinionated on most subjects; as I believe we all are.

So accept the fact that the Poetry, the Short Stories, even the occasional out of control RANTS you might read here are truly mine, yes; but they are also reflections of my (luckily) long life.

So, Read On and Enjoy my Writings.

One more thing, Let’s be upfront here about writers and their works that you will find on the web. Running a website takes time and costs money, and I am certainly not some wealthy established writer who does this out of some form of boredom.

So, You will occasionally see an advertisement such as this one where I show off my personal designs and pithy sayings on T-Shirts and other customized clothing.

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