THE WORLD According To DON

Thoughts, Stories, Poetry and RANTS of a Southern Senior!

Don Who?

This site contains many of the Writings of DON BOBBITT. Some are his opinions, and some are his aRANTS; but everything comes straight from his Head and Heart.

Others have opinions about DON, most asking the questions; Is he Opinionated? or is he really a Good Writer? A few even get asked; Is he a Good Friend that you can count on?

The answers are YES! YES! and YES! But remember, he’s just a little Crazy at times!

About DON and his Writings

OK! It’s obvious from the photo that I, DON BOBBITT am a Senior citizen and anything I write will be formed in my mind, to some degree by my past lifestyle and actions.

I am opinionated, as we all are, if we take the time to think about it.

So accept the fact that the Poetry, the Short Stories, even the occasional out of control RANTS are mine yes, but they are also reflections of my Life.

Read on and Enjoy!

OK, Let’s be upfront here. A website costs money, and I am certainly not loaded.

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